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Vitiligo Plus lotion 1 bottle 235 ml for vitiligo treatment Original

Vitiligo Plus lotion 1 bottle 235 ml for  vitiligo treatment Original
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Melagenina Plus  1 bottle  235 ml   the globally trusted therapy for vitiligo

Melagenına Plus is a lotion, applied on the depigment  areas. Use of Melagenına Plus for treatment of skin depigmentation is not difficult; its application is completely harmless and safe. Melagenına Plus can be used for children of any age, pregnant and lactating women. The medication should be applied maximum once a day at the same time. Shake the bottle before use. Apply only with your fingers, without using cotton wool plugs or sticks. After application of affected areas you need to wait for 10-15 minutes and only after that get dressed. Warming with infrared or ultraviolet light is not required. You should also avoid exposing to direct sunlight.
If the treatment goes right, the first result will be visible in about 2-3 weeks. A white spot will gradually become pink and get small skin pieces, on which the pigment will be produced again. Day by day, such spots will become larger and eventually the pale skin areas will completely disappear. Sometimes, melanin return is observable in a different way: a pale spot gradually becomes smaller and darkens evenly.

Packing: amber colored glass flask 235ml

Composition of Melagenina:
- Active ingredient: human placenta extract, 100 ml contains 50 ml of extract;
- Excipients: ethyl alcohol as a preservative;
- Calcium chloride CaCl2 as a stabilizer.

  • Compatible with any kind of food or drink, as well as with any kind of medicine (except of corticosteroids, corticoids, psoralens, and cytostatic, which counteract Melagenına Plus efficiency)

During treatment with Melagenina Plus, you should not use any other external means for treatment.
You can use eau de toilette, perfume, and apply antiperspirant no earlier than 1 hour after applying Melangenin;
- You can’t be in the sun between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.; during this time, be sure to protect areas of the skin with vitiligo with sunscreen with SPF.
Shelf life: 3 years.
Expiration date: 04/2026

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