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Triomed health pendant DETOX can be used in weight loss programs

Triomed  health pendant  DETOX  can be used in weight loss programs
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Health pendant "DETOX"

Pendant DETOX is an auxiliary product for:

activation of the detoxification ability (elimination of toxins) of the body

normalization of the excretory systems: the lymphatic system, kidneys, blood, liver, intestines, skin and mucous membranes.

cleansing the body at the cellular level

and, as a consequence, an improvement in the quality of the immune response

Quick reference:

The information printed on the electronic data carrier "DETOX" health pendant corresponds to the spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of the excretory systems of the body, including the lymphatic system, antihomotoxic agents, a special phyto-collection with detoxifying and immunomodulating properties.

                The most insidious enemy of health and youth is slagging of the body!

Our body is a balanced, self-regulating biosystem. One of the mechanisms of self-regulation is the neutralization and elimination of various toxins. But Nature "did not foresee" such a rapid development of civilization, the appearance of artificial substances that violate the existing natural balance.

Modern man breathes polluted air, eats little useful, often, simply, junk food with artificial additives and dyes, with growth and weight stimulants of animals, antibiotics, hormones, drinks water, which contains a large amount of impurities, and leads an inactive lifestyle. All this leads to the fact that a large amount of ballast and toxic substances accumulates in the body.

In tissues and organs, chemicals, heavy metal salts, nitrites and nitrates, radioactive substances, dioxides, drug residues, etc. are found.


According to WHO (World Health Organization), seven degrees of slagging are provided with an increasing severity of its manifestation:

1st degree - fatigue, decreased overall tone

2nd degree - headaches, sleep disturbances, bad breath

3rd degree - various rashes, manifestations of an allergic nature, mucous discharge from the nasopharynx, leucorrhoea,

                       nocturnal enuresis

4th degree - benign formations, cysts of the ovaries, kidneys, lipomas, mastopathy, stone formation,

                       papillomas, polyps

5th degree - diseases involving deformation of organs: rheumatism, polyarthritis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis

6th degree - organic diseases of the nervous system, incl. paralysis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, disease


7th degree - diseases accompanied by gross organ degeneration, degeneration, cancer


How can you understand that your body is slagged and requires cleansing?

Signs of slagging of the body:

Increased fatigue, irritability, nervousness

Recurrent headaches

Weakness, sweating, chilliness

Sleep disturbance

Increased flatulence in the intestines, constipation or diarrhea

Bad breath, bitterness in the mouth, coated tongue, plaque on the teeth

Frequent stomatitis, sinusitis, bleeding gums.

Stone formation and inflammation of the bile ducts and urinary tract

Discharge of mucus from the lungs and nasopharynx causing cough, often with phlegm, vaginal discharge, breast discharge in women.

Skin disorders: rash, acne, acne, furunculosis, eczematous rash. Changes in skin color, wrinkles, dryness or oily skin, leading to wilting. The skin is often cracked, especially on the arms and legs.

Allergic reactions, itching, the formation of wen, etc.

Difficulty in normalizing blood pressure and venous circulation.

Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis.

Unpleasant body odor.

Weight gain or, conversely, inability to gain weight

What happens when the body is slagged?

Metabolism is disturbed.

Cellular respiration is impaired.

 The synthesis of proteins, enzymes and other regulators of body functions is impaired.

The absorption of many nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, is impaired. Therefore, the body may feel a lack of them even with a sufficient intake.

The usual doses of drugs are no longer effective; to achieve the effect, an increase in doses and the number of drugs is required. In some cases, their action is perverted.

Reduced immunity. Favorable conditions are created for the development of pathogenic flora.

The processes of organ degeneration and early aging of the body take place

What is DETOX used for?

The action of the DETOX health pendant is aimed at activating the body's excretory systems (primarily the lymphatic system, as well as the kidneys, blood, liver, intestines, mucous membranes, skin), creating optimal conditions for the functioning of the body, improving the quality of life.

 When can the DETOX Health Pendant be used?

This device can be used as an additional tool in all conditions when detoxification of the body and increased immunity are required.

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