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BioTrEM® TRIOMED COMPACT portable device for EHF-IR therapy.

BioTrEM® TRIOMED COMPACT portable device for EHF-IR therapy.
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"TRIOMED COMPACT" is a portable device for EHF-IR therapy.

The TRIOMED COMPACT device is designed to preserve and strengthen individual human health, treat and prevent a number of pathological conditions, as well as in rejuvenation and cosmetology programs.

8 operating modes of the Triomed Compact device:

Harmony - remote mode.

The unique “Harmony” mode makes it possible to reduce the effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation and other adverse stress factors on the human body. This mode is designed to protect humans and domestic animals from the adverse effects of the environment by optimizing responses.


Indicated for overwork, increased irritability, psycho-emotional arousal, sleep disturbances, and decreased mood. The use of the “Anti-stress” mode promotes an adequate response of the body to external stimuli.


Exposure in this mode promotes healing of wound surfaces, reduction of inflammation of various origins, and pain relief. The effectiveness of this mode is based on the effect of “recording” the electromagnetic spectrum from a biological object and its subsequent re-emission in the background.


Intended for use both independently and in health programs: detoxification, immunocorrective program, program for normalizing metabolism and the functioning of internal organs, etc.

Phoenix (wound healing, anti-inflammatory)

It is used in the treatment of wounds, abrasions, burns, for the treatment of various inflammations (including joint ones), reducing swelling and pain, reducing the likelihood of wound infection and significantly accelerating the restoration of damaged tissues.

Edelweiss (antihypoxic, antioxidant)

Improves microcirculation - blood flow in small blood vessels (capillaries), helps improve the functioning of the entire respiratory chain (which includes blood hemoglobin, enzymes, gas exchange in the lungs, transport and utilization of oxygen, ATP synthesis). As a result, the supply of oxygen to cells improves and the body's energy supply improves. Has an antioxidant effect.

Youth (trophic)

It is aimed at restoring trophism and normalizing metabolism, as a result of which blood microcirculation is restored, active cell restoration occurs, improvement of the sensitivity of the cell receptor apparatus to biologically active substances, hormones, improvement of organ functioning and, as a result, rejuvenation of the body.

Photon (infrared)

Not EHF mode. The infrared emitter operates in information (non-thermal) mode. This type of soft photon therapy allows you to optimize the processes of energy supply to the cell, optimize the system of intracellular regulation and activate biosynthetic processes. Increases the energy efficiency of the cell in conditions of lack of oxygen.

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