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TGSP 3 New Model - Anti-parasitic and Mishin's Coil Technologies Combined

TGSP 3 New Model - Anti-parasitic and Mishin's Coil Technologies Combined
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TGSP 3 New Model - Anti-parasitic and Mishin's Coil Technologies Combined

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                   Pathogen suppression  anti parasitic device

         Based on the Zapper and (Bio Resonance Therapy) Hilda Clark with Mishin" s coils technologies.

The new device TGSP-3 (2 in 1) combines two technologies: Antiparasitic therapy and classical therapy with Mishin coils. Two types of electrodes can be connected to the device. Statistics on the use of devices of the “TGSp-1”, “TGSp-2” (anti-parasite) and “TGS” series of devices have shown that the greatest effectiveness of the effect on the body occurs with the joint, simultaneous use of two technologies:

- Contact method (hand electrodes with TGSp2);

- Field influence (“Mishin coil” with sine generator)

Therefore, a 2in1 device, the “TGSp-3 (2 in 1)” model, was developed and manufactured, which combines both of these technologies.

The TGSp-3 device has two outputs for connection:

Output 1 (ANTIPARASITE) – source of specialized signal H. Clark

Output 2 (for “Mishin coil”) – sine generator, for connecting “Mishin coils”

When the device is turned on, Output 1 (electrodes) and Output 2 (“Mishin coil”) work simultaneously, this allows you to use them both together and separately.


The operation of the device is based on the discovery of naturopathic doctors from the USA, who gave the device the name “Zepper”. In 1989, during research, it was discovered that all types of living organisms emit weak radiation of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. It turned out that parasites that live in the body of humans and animals, as well as bacteria, fungi and viruses, emit a field only at one frequency characteristic of each species. A catalog of frequencies was compiled for most species of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites known to science. During ongoing experiments with the influence of weak electric current on infectious pathogens in 1993, it was discovered that exposure of an infected organism to a weak pulsed current with a frequency in the range of 30 kHz or more leads to the disappearance of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites in it - the corresponding resonances disappear . However, no inhibition of beneficial bacterial species was detected. Symbionts are in a biological connection with the human body and when their number or activity decreases, the body restores the necessary balance.

Tests carried out in the regional body for certification and examination of bioenergy safety of products showed that the use of the device significantly improves the functioning of the ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, genitourinary and other body systems. Suppression of the activity of parasites allows

the body’s natural immunity is restored, as a result the body itself becomes more and more resistant to the effects of other pathogenic factors, such as stress.

The device gives a positive measuring effect for problems such as

General weakening of the body's defenses. Increased fatigue, low mood, nervousness, depression, increased susceptibility to negative emotions.

The initial period of colds and other infectious diseases, threatening transition to the acute phase. Sluggish chronic diseases associated with the presence of parasites: (giardia, opisthorchis, toxoplasma, toxocara, roundworm, etc.), infections (sore throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, cystitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastrointestinal disorders and much more).

For preventive health purposes, it is recommended to take a 2-3 week course of daily use of the device for both adults and children, and then conduct a session once every 1-3 days. It is necessary to understand that even complete suppression of the activity of pathogens for a certain time does not guarantee automatic recovery, because with weakened immunity, re-infection and activation of microbes and parasites easily occurs. "TGSp-3 (2 in 1)", suppressing the activity of pathogens, provides a respite to the body's defenses, giving them the opportunity to recover and complete recovery. Restoring immunity is a fairly long organic process. Long-term use of the device is required to bring immunity to a qualitatively new level, although in most cases even a single use of it brings a noticeable improvement in well-being for a certain period of time (from several hours to several days for chronic diseases).

At the same time, it is necessary to continue to follow all medical recommendations, if any.

For colds, relief almost always occurs after the first session - the procedure for using the device. If a session is performed at the first signs of a cold: sore throat, coughing, runny nose, then the very first session often completely eliminates all subjectively felt signs of the disease. However, it is recommended not to limit yourself to one session, but be sure to conduct another 1-2 sessions a few hours later and the next day. In the intermediate stage of development of a cold, it is necessary to conduct 3 sessions during the day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening before bedtime. With each session, your well-being will noticeably improve. If the subjective signs of a cold disappear the next morning, it is necessary to consolidate the result with 2-3 sessions over another 1-2 days.

Alcohol addiction.

The need for constant prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases in the presence of animals at home or at work.

The device is quite easy to use for pets - cats and dogs, it does not cause any discomfort in them.

Due to the portability of the device, it is very convenient for use in country houses and gardens where there are no pharmacies or clinics nearby, when traveling by plane and train, on tours abroad, especially to countries with an increased risk of infectious infection, business trips, etc. .

More information in the book: Hilda Clark: There are no incurable diseases.

Output 2 (for “Mishin coil”)

Designed for carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures at home and in medical institutions through transcutaneous stimulation with an electric field. Using coils, it has a positive effect on an alternating electrostatic field of high frequency (up to 400 kHz), but with low voltage (up to 10 V) and low output current on the coil (up to 0.3 A). The effect is a sinusoidal high-frequency electrostatic field on body tissue. A high-frequency electrostatic field (the effect of the magnetic field in the device is minimized) affects tissues in such a way that polarization of charged particles occurs in the latter and weak eddy currents are induced. As a result of this process, complex physical and chemical transformations occur in the cells - the tissues heat up slightly, resulting in a calming effect on the patient’s (CNS) central nervous system. The device has a sinusoid-generating circuit that creates a current with a frequency of 300 to 320 kHz, and circuit resonance

Causes sustainable healing effects:

• improvement of blood circulation and tissue nutrition;

• saturation of cells with oxygen;

• outflow of venous blood and lymph;

• activation of local immunity;

• decreased sensitivity to pain;

• reduction of allergy manifestations, antipruritic effect;

• anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect;

• improvement of skin tone and appearance.


• diseases of the peripheral nervous system;

• neuralgia;

• sensitivity disorders - hyposthesia, paresthesia;

osteocondritis of the spine;

• consequences of neuritis;

• radiculitis;

• disorders of the central nervous system;

• neuroses;


• migraine;


• enuresis;

• neurodermatitis;

• cellulite, peripheral circulation disorders;


• diseases of the ENT organs;

• inflammation of the oral mucosa;

• vasomotor rhinitis;

• chronic sinusitis;

• diseases of the genital organs;

• prostatitis;

• inflammatory processes of the female genital organs.

Attention  ! This device operates on rechargeable batteries. Since shipping the device with batteries by air is prohibited, we suggest you send the device without batteries. You can buy and insert them yourself.

Battery brand

model ICR18650,

Voltage 3.7 V

2600 mAh

9.62 Wh

We will send you video instructions by email.


Set included -

Not a medical device!

Voltage requirements

  • Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK an adapter will be needed.

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC. Using an adaptor will not affect the device functionality.




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