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Ritm Scenar Universal Single Electrode For Biocontrolled Neurostimulation New Model middle size

Ritm Scenar Universal Single  Electrode For Biocontrolled Neurostimulation New Model middle size
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Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

We provide our customers instructions in English and free warranty for 12 months.

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The main advantage of the universal double medium electrode is the possibility of independent use of SCENAR without outside help thanks to a special fixing device.

Fastening the electrode with a Velcro strap allows you to fix the electrode on any part of the body and face and perform the procedure without the active participation of the operator

- Reusable electrode

- Impact without operator intervention

- Does not change the shape of the signal (unlike self-adhesive electrodes)

Universal double middle electrode - original remote electrode for biocontrolled neurostimulation SCENAR


The electrode can be used to treat hard-to-reach places in any convenient position at home, at work, on trips, medical institutions and hospitals:

- bio-effect (analgesic and relaxing effect when exposed to the cervical spine)

- for the relief of severe pain in the neck (muscular and joint)

- to eliminate discomfort in the neck in combination with a headache

- for a relaxing effect during stress, overstrain of the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle

- to eliminate the symptoms of meteosensitivity

- ortho-effect (direct, correct for first aid for pain, for course treatment of pathologies of the small pelvis and legs):

- pain therapy for lesions of the spine and muscles of the lumbar region

- first aid for lower back pain

- preventive procedures for fatigue of the back muscles associated with a forced position

- course treatment of gynecological diseases

- correction of functional disorders of the pelvic organs in men

- correction of functional disorders of the vessels of the lower extremities, elimination of swelling

The universal double medium electrode is used for therapeutic non-invasive effects on the skin in order to provide a general regulatory effect on the physiological systems of the body in a wide range of pathologies, among them:

- problems of the musculoskeletal system

- diseases of the joints (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, etc.)

- disorders of cerebral circulation

- headache

- intestinal spasms, colic, etc.

Also, this electrode is used for rapid resorption of bruises, abrasions, seals after injections (shots), anesthesia of fractures, sprains, large bruises, to relieve swelling in case of severe pain in the spine


The total processing time of one zone is up to 30 minutes. In acute conditions, it is allowed to carry out the procedure several times a day.

The reusable electrode must be treated with an antiseptic before the procedure and at the end of it.                


The electrode is made of high quality materials, which is a prerequisite for accurate transmission of the complex signal of SCENAR biocontrolled neurostimulation without distortion due to high resistivity.

ONE plastic pad with contacts: 6x6 cm.

Number of contacts on one platform: 8 pcs.

Length of the cable for connecting to the device: 100 cm.

The length of the clasp in the unstretched state is 50cm.

Manufacturer: CJSC OKB RITM

It is used together with SCENAR and CHENS devices of any modification

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