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PROSTAM device for prostate gland inflammatory diseases thermal vibromassage magnetic therapy

PROSTAM device for prostate gland inflammatory diseases thermal vibromassage magnetic therapy
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PROSTAM ( analog MAVIT ) device is designed for prostate gland inflammatory diseases physiotherapeutic treatment  at the stage of inflammatory process attenuation and remission at medical clinics in-and-out- patient departments as well as home conditions under attending medical doctor control . Treatment is carried out by applicator-probe inserted into rectum. 
There is no need any special training to carry out  medical procedure.

Device indications for application:

  • chronic prostatitis (non acute condition);
  • prostatovesiculitis;
  • urethroprostatitis;
  • urethroprostatitis;
  • erectile  function disorder.
  • prostate gland benign hyperplasia (adenoma) on the background of chronic prostatitis


  • acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis (acute condition), prostate malignant tumors, prostate    and rectum tumors; prostate diagnosed active tuberculosis or suspected one, rectum acute inflammatory diseases,  rectum malignant   tumors

Results of PROSTAM clinical trails study showed the device positive therapeutic  effect: reduction of  both pain sensation  and discomfort, decreased desire to urination, normalization  of urinary stream force,  increase of sexual potency. During the procedure time the patient experiences the pleasant sensation of warm in the exposed area which is kept for a long time.

Power supply  alternating current mains: 50 Hz, 220V (-10%, +10%) or 230V (-10%, +6%).



If you live in USA,  Canada, Japan,  Korea, Mexica , Saudi Arabia you will be need adapter.

 You will need to convert  voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC

The price for such transformers ranges from 10 to 20$US and they can be easily ordered online, for example VT100 STEP UP TRANSFORMER can be ordered here




The device Prostam  consists of :power supply and the working body, the cable connection.

The device  Prostam provides light signal included in the network by means of an indicator on the body of the power supply:
- Green light - operating mode;
- Red light - the device is defective;
- Yellow signal - exiting.

When you turn the device into the network is simple testing (red signal indicator), after which the indicator on the housing power supply must be lighted in green.
After work (30 min), the LED is yellow.
In case of failure (breakage, short circuit), the indicator lights in red.

Procedures performed 1 time per day. Duration - 20-30 minutes. The course of treatment 9.7 procedures. Repeated courses are held not earlier than 2 months.


Voltage, V 220
Establishing the operating mode, no more, with 30
The amplitude of vibration of the working body at a frequency of 20Hz, up to 0,1 mm
The duration of the cycle shifts the frequency from 16
The frequency of vibration of the working body, Hz. 18-90
Duration of working cycle of procedure, min 30 ± 10%
Operating temperature of the working body, 30-43 ° C
MTBF, at least, 3,000 hours 

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