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Kremlin Photon Sputnik capsule tablet pill bipolar stimulator of GIT against parasites

Kremlin Photon  Sputnik capsule  tablet pill bipolar stimulator of GIT  against parasites
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Photon  Kremlin tablet -  model for keeping in mouth or for swallowing    . One pieces.

                    Expiration date  December  2025


 Self-contained photo stimulator allows for active impact both on the intestine bacterial flora (gut organisms directly influence functioning of all organism life support systems) and on the immunocompetent organs and cells. This stimulator allows for purposeful control over the immunogenesis processes, normal gut organisms growth, and, consequently, for treatment of wide range of diseases.     Photon tablet - the autonomous device intended for the influence on internal organs of the person with the purpose of normalization of their activity by means of light of the seen spectrum and electric pulses.

   Photon tablet - the first device in world medicine combining the thousand-year experience of phototherapy and achievement of modern microelectronics.

   The photon tablet is a product in which the unique technologies of some institutes of medical sciences academy for the correction of immunity and restoration norm flora without application of bacterial preparations and antibiotics are realized.

The photon tablet - renders you the effective help at:

  • deficit of the immunity;
  • dysbacterioses of intestines and bacterial vaginose;
  • diseases of mucous membranes;
  • violations of motor function of a gastroenteric path and organs connected to it;
  • sharp conditions of a cholecysto-pancreatitis;
  • stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut;
  • allergic and skin diseases;
  • illnesses of urinogenital system;
  • sexual frustration;
  • at some kinds of barrenesses.

The Photon tablet has not the age restriction

  • Question: What is the difference between Silver pill capsule and Photon pill?

    Answer: The difference between these two capsules ( SILVER PILL AND PHOTON PILL ) is that the Silver Pill, when getting inside a person, produces electrical impulses, while the Photon tablets generate electric impulse plus the Visible Electromagnetic impulse (i.e., light flashes). Photon tablet has additional options - light impulse
  • Question: Is this pill what they called  SPUTNIK  and what is it for killing intestinal parasites? thank you

    Answer: These devices are the same as Sputnik, but they have a different name Silver and Photon tablets. Yes, it gives good results in the fight against any parasites. but within the framework of complex therapy. Pay your attention. treatment is best done in a course - 10 days. Therefore, it is more convenient to use a model with a holder. in this case 1 piece per course is enough for you. If you buy a silver pill without holder , then you will need several pieces
  • Question: Can you change batteries in this? and if so how?

    Answer: Unfortunately, battery replacement is not possible. Pill life is 100 hours in a humid environment. After that the device died

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt

Founder of the Klinghardt Institute, scientific advisor and physician


01:12:43 Rife and scalar waves as parasite treatments

Wendy Myers: I was going to ask you about the use of rife or scalar waves in addressing parasites. What do you think are the most effective type of energy protocols to destroy parasites?

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: Parasites are very sensitive to pulse electromagnetic fields. We used to have a Russian technique called the Sputnik. It was a little capsule the size of a vitamin capsule […] And the moment you swallowed it, there was electric contact made from the fluids in the gut, and it pulsed an electromagnetic field. It was extremely effective against most parasites. I also witnessed personally the healing of a pancreatic cancer with that.

And of course, as soon as the FDA got wind of it, it shut it down because it was actually helping people. And it was way inexpensive, $80 or so per treatment. So there has been a concerted effort by the FDA to protect the pharmaceutical interest, not the people. And because of that, the pulse electromagnetic techniques are not blossoming in this country.

In Russia, that’s mostly what people do. They do very little biochemistry, but they do physics. Germany is somewhere in the middle between both.


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