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Organic Hemp fibre filled blanket 78*85 in Anti allergic

Organic Hemp fibre filled blanket  78*85 in Anti allergic
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Hemp blanket

78 С… 85 in                 made in Ukraine

Advantages of  hemp blankets

  • The filling material - Checked for the harmful substances, mechanically processed hemp fibre
  • Hemp fibre absorbs sweat well .
  • Hemp fibre is anti-static, does not collect dust, therefore is suitable for people suffering from allergy
  • Washes easily (40° - gentle washing).
  • The coating: high-quality sateen made from 100 % cotton with rhombic insertion of high quality
Regular checkings of raw materials for harmful substances

The conclusion issued by A.N.Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology (Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine), confirms ecological safety of a filling material from hemp fibre used for manufacturing of the complete set.

The hemp fibre provides a good and comfortable dream

  • The hemp fibre bed set is suitable not only for people suffering from allergy.
  • Light and airy blankets, pillows, mattress-cases for warm summer months consist of heater containing 70 % hemp fibres and 30 % lavsan ( polyester fiber).
  • The breathing casings from the qualitative cotton of natural light colors.
  • Checked for the harmful substances, mechanically processed hemp fibre is more strength and serviceable then cotton and wool.
  • The thermoisolation and ability to keep heat meet the quality requirements of wool; hemp fibre – is a bioactive material which, due to the structure, holds in the thermal energy of a body and reflects it back. Thus, the high factor of breath activity is reached also.
  • The hemp fibre is capable to absorb a considerable quantity of sweat and remove it without negative consequences for the people (absence of a odor).
  • The hemp fibre is anti-static and that is why does not collect dust.
  • The Hemp is not subject to parasitic attacks therefore does not require any insecticides while cultivation. This quality makes a hemp fibre, compared to other natural fibres, unreceptive to bacteria, mould and fungi.
For whom is suitable a flight hemp blanket?

  • For people suffering from allergy and neat people as all items of bed set are washed in a gentle regime at temperature of 40 °РЎ.
  • For all who prefers bedding without animal fibres.
  • For people who wish be warm in the summer during the cool nights, and wish that all humidity be absorded at warm nights.
About material: the hemp fiber

  • Thermal capacity
  • Humidity transfer
  • Ventilation
  • Thermobalance
  • It is an alteative to the cotton and sheep wool for people suffering from allergy anti-static, pleasant for a skin
  • it is washed at 40°РЎ
Instructions how to care for a flight hemp blanket

  • The blanket, pillow and mattress-case with a heater made from hemp fibres is possible to be washed at temperature 40°C in a gentle regime with a soft hydro extracting!
  • Blanket, mattress-case or pillows shall be dried in the spread out kind on a flat surface, for example, on a support for linen drying, it will allow products "not be extended" and without problems to keep the form a hemp nonwoven cloth.
  • Blanket, pillow and mattress-case shall not be dried from in a dryer or on batteries!!!
The casing 
Blanket cover from 100% cotton. Magnificent rhombic prostitch for achievement of the highest gratefulness.

The filling material
 the mix from 70 % hemp fibres (checked for the harmful substances, not exposed to chemical processing) and 30 % of lavsan - poliester fiber. Ideal for people suffering from allergy. It is washed at the temperature of 40 °C in a gentle washing regime followed by gentle spin.

 The blanket is covered with a fabric of light color (blue, beige, green)
 Colour can differ from a photo. 

Specify color before purchase please!


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