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Neurodens Cardio device for blood pressure correction • the risk of developing complications of hypertension is reduced

Neurodens Cardio device for blood pressure correction • the risk of developing complications of hypertension is reduced
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Neural-like dynamic electrostimulation is a medical technology of applying pulsed currents that dynamically change their parameters for therapeutic purposes. The impact is carried out by the «NEURODENS» devices on certain limited areas of the skin of the body, which possess high biological activity - reflexogenic zones, mini-acupuncture correspondence systems and acupuncture points.
The ideology of NEURODENS is based on many years of experience in the study and implementation of electroneurostimulation and meets the principles of personalized therapy at any stage of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.
Neurodens has a minimum of contraindications, there are practically no side effects, when using the devices, intoxication is excluded, the likelihood of allergic manifestations and overdose of effects is negligible.The non-drug method NEURODENS will be implemented in portable devices with treatment and recovery programs for many diseases.
NEURODENS-Cardio device for blood pressure correction with four treatment-and-prophylactic programs that act on the cause of hypertension.
Program 1
combines frequencies 9.2; 9.4; 10; 77 Hz.
intended for the correction of vascular tone, dysfunction of the central nervous system;

Program 2
combines frequencies 3.3; 8.1; 20; 77 Hz.
designed to improve renal hemodynamics;

Program 3
combines frequencies 2.5; 4.0; 20; 77 Hz.
intended for the correction of vascular dysfunction, autonomic and metobolic disorders;

Program 4
combines frequencies 6.2; 10; 20; 77 Hz.
intended for the correction of psycho-emotional state and general well-being.

The electrotherapy apparatus for correcting blood pressure NEURODENS-CARDIO is intended for the therapeutic non-invasive effect on biologically active zones of a person by low-frequency electric current pulses in order to correct blood pressure and normalize the general condition of the body.

For the session, special conditions are not required. Sessions can be carried out both independently and with the help of an operator who will conduct treatment in those areas and points that cannot be independently processed by the device.

The use of the NEURODENS-CARDIO apparatus helps to normalize the tone of the vascular wall, expand capillaries, and improve hemodynamics in the microcirculation system.
• blood pressure stabilizes at a level acceptable to the patient;
• overall health improves;
• the psychoemotional state improves;
• increased performance;
• the risk of developing complications of hypertension is reduced;
• improves the quality of life of the patient.

- 4 programs;
- color display;
- ergonomic case design;
- does not require an electrical connection.

Indications for use
The device NEURODENS-CARDIO is indicated for the course of treatment for persons over 14 years old
• with episodic increase in blood pressure in stressful situations, changes in weather conditions, etc. in individuals with a labile form of arterial hypertension.
• at a consistently high blood pressure in patients with hypertension — as an adjunct to complex drug treatment;
Attention! Even in cases of situational (single, rare) increase in blood pressure, course treatment is required: no less than 10 procedures, 1-2 procedures per day. At the same time, at the beginning of treatment, a temporary destabilization of blood pressure can be observed with its subsequent steady decrease.

• individual intolerance to electric current;
• the presence of an implanted pacemaker. Relative - in these cases, it is recommended that the use of the device be agreed with the attending physician:
• status epilepticus;
• neoplasms (tumors) of any etiology and localization;
• acute febrile states of unknown etiology;
• vein thrombosis;
• a state of acute mental, alcoholic or narcotic arousal.
Attention! Against the background of the use of the NEURODENS-CARDIO apparatus, it is mandatory to take medications prescribed by a doctor! Changing the drug treatment regimen and reducing the doses of the drugs taken is possible only after a persistent decrease in blood pressure, as agreed with the attending physician.

Kit contains:

- Extension cuff;
- User manual in Russian.  In English in PDF ( online file)
- Batteries type LR6 / AA

The device’s menu is symbols, the menu is easy to use for a person who knows any language in the world. (See photo). We provide any support to our customers in the use of devices.

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