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Magnetic glasses mask for health of eyes.

Magnetic glasses  mask for health of eyes.
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Cigarettes. Computers. A bad food. A heredity.

It would Seem, all these things have among themselves no anything the general.

By no means: all of them negatively affect on health of your eyes.

Except for a heredity, negative influence of other factors on eyes can be supervised, if you are ready to make it efforts.
The centre of a dream of the person is in strobilaceous gland which develops a melatonin in absolute darkness. This hormone makes us tired and drives at a dream, being natural soporific.

Glasses magnetic extinguish any gleams of light and will help to go to the higher spheres of dreams faster. Simultaneously positive influence of a magnetic field will take natural activity of cages of a skin, will strengthen cosmetic effect of masks, creams, balms.

Influencing biological points of the face, immunity and biopower restoration of an organism becomes more active.

In the best way intensity of face muscles and eye pressure acts in film. Even the five-minute session will bring soothing rest.

Simplicity of a design will allow to fix on a chin, a nape, a throat and other parts of a body, using a product, as an energy source of magnets, for magnetotherapy sessions.

Level of a magnetic induction remains more than 10 years. Dear buyers! I send these items from Russia the Russian mail, therefore delivery from 2 till 4 weeks. 



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