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Magnetic face mask for beauty, stop headache

Magnetic face mask for beauty, stop headache
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It is intended for removal of eyes fatigue, relief of headache, prevention of presenilation of skin and formaiton of wrinkles around eyes.

Magneto-punctural ophthalmologic applicator is intended for medical influence by constant magnetic field upon biologically active points, located on the orbicular muscle of eye and eyebrow, on the basis of principles of classical eastern reflexotherapy. The applicator makes beneficial action on the state of the eyelids, senescent skin around eyes, raising its elasticity, preventing formation of wrinkles and reducing those in existence, and also is applied for treatment of conjuctiva, improvement of memory, mood, emotions and the general state of the organism.


It can be applied both as independent drugless method of treatment, and in combination with other medical products.

The applicator consists of the textile mask into which 11 elasto-magnets, located at the level of the active biological points - the orbicular muscle of the eye and the eyebrow, are inserted.

The form of the mask, the sizes of the cuts for the eyes and the nose are identical in all the copies. Magnetic induction on the surface of elasto-magnets is 35±10 mSl. Magnetic properties last for 7-8 years.

The order of application

  • Carefully peel the cosmetics off before putting on the applicator.
  • Put the applicator on the face, reconcile eyes and nose cuts and fasten a buckle on the occiput.
  • Smooth the applicator on the face with light movements of the fingers.
  • Bear the applicator for not less than one hour a day.
  • To achieve better effect do not remove it at night.


Individual magnetic unresponsiveness, pregnancy, malignant neoplasms, acute strokes, myocardial infarction.


Clean the mask using gentle detergents, rinse with water, dry with a towel.


Mankind tried to apply magnet as medical means long ago, however scientists received proofs of practical benefit of magnetotherapy only in the middle of the XXth century. It appears that under the influence of magnetic fields permeability of cellular membranes changes, metabolism, taking place in intertissual and intracellular fluids, improves. Magnetic field promotes secretion of opiates (agents similar to opium and morphine) in the muscular tissue, which effects the pain center in the brain, and the neural tissue secretes neuroplasma.

Blood vessels dilate at the expense of magnetic field, normalizing blood supply and income of oxygen into the tissues. Magnetotherapy is used at neurososes, polyneuritises, trophic ulcers, at soft tissue bruises, fractures, postoperative states, edemas, pain, at skin diseases (neurodermatitis, eczema).

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