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Set # 5-MAXI LIVE SINUS 6 with Mishin's large coil, labyrinth and spikes 22.5

Set # 5-MAXI LIVE SINUS 6 with Mishin's large coil, labyrinth and spikes 22.5
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Set No. 5-MAXI LIVE SINUS 6 with Mishin's large coil, labyrinth and spikes 22.5 cm


Extended set from LIVE SINUS: LIVE SINUS 6 generator, Mishin’s large universal coil and Mishin’s large set “Double maze with Mishin’s active spikes”.

The set includes a new generator LIVE SINUS 6 – an innovative highly effective device for vortex implosive electric field physiotherapy. The generator implements the mode of complex (AM + FM) dynamic Fibonacci modulation in accordance with A. Mishin’s recommendations.

In addition, the generator has an additional function of contact antiparasitic bioresonance – the Zapper mode, implemented in accordance with the recommendations of A.N. Mishin on improving the efficiency of this type of devices (can be purchased separately by request).

The device “Double maze with active Mishin thorns” represents active “thorns” elements working in conjunction with the “double labyrinth” emitter. A high voltage alternating current with a frequency of about 300 kHz is supplied from a step-up transformer – a capacitive torus. The effect is due to the strong electrostatic field generated by both emitters. In one half-period a positive potential is applied to the thorns, a negative potential is applied to the “double labyrinth”, in the other half-period the polarity is reversed. If the emitters are placed on different sides of the body, a powerful “pumping” by the therapeutic electric field occurs. Each of the emitters can be used separately (connection through the connectors allows you to do this), but combined use significantly enhances the therapeutic effect.

A new, improved version of the “thorns” active emitters with the “Flower of Life” mandala. It is essentially a phased antenna with electric field emitters in the form of pointed spikes.

The Flower of Life mandala is one of the most ancient symbols of sacred geometry, which combines religious and mythological ideas about the world order. The meaning of this figure is multidimensional. This pattern is also sometimes called the “seed of life.” It has the property of harmonizing space and structuring the flows of energy around itself; such a mandala has an extremely positive effect on a person. How else can such beauty act ?! ;)

The combination of active thorns and mandala in one device enhances the healing effects of both.

An improved version of the “double labyrinth” emitter consists of two labyrinths (flat coils that completely coincide with each other and are located on both sides of the printed circuit board). The coils are connected in series (end of one with the beginning of the other), high voltage is applied to the midpoint of this connection. In fact, such a connection is a Nikola Tesla bifilar coil, only made in the form of copper conductors on different surfaces of the printed circuit board. This improvement was proposed by Alexander Mishin.

In this case, an electric massage of each cell, placed between these emitters of the body, occurs, which ultimately contributes to the launch of the processes of its regeneration and rejuvenation.

An increasing capacitive torus is connected to the generator, and spikes and a double labyrinth are already connected to it. The power level at the generator can be set to the maximum (since the parasitic electromagnetic component of the field in emitters of this type is practically absent). You can check the performance of the double labyrinth and spikes by indicator of the elecrical component of the field.

The step-up transformer can also be used without spikes and double labyrinths, i.e. like a conventional Mishin capacitive coil in the form of a torus.


Package includes:

  • LIVE SINUS 6 generator;
  • large (22.5cm) Mishin’s universal reel (3 in 1);
  • 22.5 cm double labyrinth in a transparent case
  • 22.5 cm active pimples in a transparent body
  • a capacitive transformer – a torus with two connectors for connecting spikes and a labyrinth;
  • indicator of the electromagnetic component of the field (gray color);
  • indicator of the electric component of the field (green color);
  • jumper cables for connecting in two different modes;
  • power supply;

Voltage requirements:

Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK  you will need  converter  110v to 220V

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC. 

You can buy converter on Ebay for 10$

The instruction is in English language in PDF .

Free shipping worldwide.

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