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Germination of seeds with the TGS 3A Mishin coil

Germination of seeds with the  TGS 3A Mishin coil

TGS-3A generator. Germination of plants and proper treatment of skin diseases.

How to sprout plants with Mishin coils?

Since water is a conductor for the electric field, the coil will not affect dry seed.
Therefore, to effectively germinate seeds must first be soaked for one day in water.

After 30-60 minutes put a container with seeds on a flat coil.

Observed results of such an effect:
Statistically, seeds that don't germinate at all are 25 to 30 percent beginning to germinate.
Seeds that have a germination period of two to three weeks sprout in two to three days.

Coil mainly affects high frequency - small seeds and plants, i.e. it accelerates the growth of seeds and first sprouts, it has almost no effect on the growth rate of large plants.

To accelerate the growth of large plants it is necessary to select other lower frequencies.

For large plants, these Coils can be useful for various diseases.
For example, if a plant has started to rot, you can put Thor next to it once a day for an hour, and the plant will get better every day.  But this method is not very effective if the plant is already completely rotten.

For treatment and germination with the usual Coils one hour a day is enough, at infinity for the plants will be useful to use Spikes Mishin.

The same principle of treatment and skin diseases - the Coil has a weak effect on dry Skin. Therefore, in order to get rid of skin problems, you must first wet the skin with water, or ointments, gels, and only when the skin is saturated with moisture apply the coil.
Apply the coil to the body by feeling. Start as usual for five minutes and use for no more than an hour a day, with any coil, even those with spikes.