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Siberian Fir needle extract concentrate 250 ml, skin care immune protection

Siberian Fir needle  extract  concentrate  250 ml, skin care immune protection
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Siberian Fir needle  extract  concentrate  250 ml,

Fir extract (balsam) 250ml has a very thick and viscous consistency, very high quality. Produced in the Tomsk region, western Siberia.

Fir extract balsam is one of the strongest and most ancient remedies used to restore and improve health. It is made by extraction from young fir shoots, which were collected in clean, untouched by human activities, areas, because as you know, fir can grow only in ecologically clean places.

Fir extract is a thick, biologically active, dark brown substance, which has a homogeneous pasty (viscous) consistency. It has antiseptic properties and is able to help the body to reject necrotic tissue and prevent suppuration and inflammation , as well as powerful regeneratingproperties, due to which it has become widespread not only in everyday life, but also in surgery. By its chemical composition and healing properties, fir extract balsam has no analogues, which was confirmed by laboratory studies. It contains organic acids , a powerful vitamin and mineral complex , as well as essential amino acids for the human body .

Method of using Fir Balsam:

For preventive purposes, 1 tsp. - 1 per day;

With vitamin deficiency, stomach pain, heartburn - 1 tsp. - 3 times a day;

In case of poisoning and hangover syndrome - 1 tbsp. spoon, 0.5 tbsp. water -3 times a day;

For colds, flu, acute respiratory infections -1 tsp. + 1-5 drops of fir oil per 0.5 tbsp. water, apply 3 times a day;

For cancer, it is recommended up to 5 tbsp. l. in a day.

Inside it is used in the form of drinks, diluted in pure drinking water extract: 1 quarter teaspoon per 1 tbsp. water. The resulting coniferous cocktail is widely used for complete disinfection of the gastrointestinal tract. The use of this drink inside restores the acid-base balance , promotes accelerated healing of stomach ulcers , any stage of gastritis , provided that alcohol and tobacco products are not consumed for the period of treatment. Having a high content of biologically active substances, the extract easily eliminates the vitamin hunger of the body, especially during the period of illness, adaptation to the harsh conditions of the natural environment in the spring.

Replaces the best branded toothpastes , eliminating a bad, putrid odor, saturating the tissues of the teeth and gums with essential microelements. Absolutely helps to eliminate inflammation of the oral mucosa, in the treatment and prevention of angina , stomatitis, when wetted with a weak eye solution - conjunctevitis.

It is used externally in the form of ointments for burns, diaper rash, purulent wounds, fungal diseases, dry and weeping eczema.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the chemical composition of fir extract (balm).

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