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Almag 03 ( DIAMAG ) PEMF magnetotherapy device Help with Parkinson's disease and vascular dementia

Almag 03 ( DIAMAG ) PEMF magnetotherapy device   Help with Parkinson's disease  and vascular dementia
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         Suitable for Europe, Australia and Singapore

                This product is not sold in the US and Canada.

ALMAG03 ( DIAMAG ) device is designed for home and hospital use for the treatment of the cerebropathy and cervical spine diseases:

· Migraine

· Stroke - treatment and prevention

· Parkinson's disease

· Cervical osteochondrosis

How it works
The device stimulates production of melatonin which is a natural stress protector; it provides sedation, sleeping recovery, anxiety level reduction.

· reduces blood pressure, increases blood oxygen saturation; activates metabolic processes;

· relieves pain attacks without painkillers usage (in particularly difficult cases, reduces the intensity of pain to a tolerable level, eliminating the need of medication);

· normalizes muscle tone, restores motor function, giving back the patient the ability to carry on activities of daily living;

· restores mind lucidity, normalizes hearing and vision;

· improves coordination and memory, thinking processes;

· improves visual acuity, normalizes light sensitivity, increases the field of view limits, improving trophic in the retina and optic nerve.

Why to choose DIAMAG®?

· is designed by experienced doctors and scientists;

· visibly reduces the required dose of tranquilizers and psychoanaleptics;

· almost entirely relieves pain syndrome and eliminates the necessity of pain killerson completion of only one treatment course;

· reduces the risk of recurrence and complications of stroke. It accelerates recovery of brain dysfunctions;

· is easy to use, due to the preset treatment modes the device can be used in home;

· enhances the quality of life, improves mental conditions and recovers the normal physical activity from the first sessions of the therapeutic course.



1.      AC power supply: 

· ~220V (-10%; +10%) or ~230V (-10%; +6%), frequency 50Hz

2.      Power consumption:10 VA.
3.      Overall dimensions:

· Control unit - 210x170x75 mm;

· Flexible emitting line- 300x50 x30 mm.

5.      Field types:

·  “travelling”, when there is a serial actuation of all the emitters of the flexible emitting lines from the 1st emitter to the 6th in cycles (pro-grams No.1, No.2, No.3);

·  “static”, when there is a simultaneous actuation of all the emitters (program No.4).

6.      The frequency of emitter excitation with single pulses:
7 pulses / sec (program No.2)

Relative deviation of the frequency rate is within ±5%.
7.      The frequency of emitter excitation with pulse packets changes automatically as follows:

· from 1 to 5 pulses / sec (programs No.1, No.4)

· from 5 to 15 pulses / sec (program No.3);

Relative deviation of the frequency rate extremes is within ±10%.
8.      The time during which the repetition frequency of pulse packets changes from maximal to minimal value and back is: 126±10 sec for program No.3 and 612±30 sec for programs 1 and 4;
9.      Pulse frequency within each packet:

·  30 pulses / sec (program No.3);

·  7 pulses / sec (programs No.1, No.4);

Relative deviation of the frequency value is within ±5%;
10.   Peak values of the magnetic field density on the emitters’ surface are:

· 10 mT (programs No.1, No.2, No.3);

·  8 mT (program No.4);

Absolute deviation of the field density peak value (B) is within ±[0.2B+0.6] mT.
11.   The device provides storage of 4 preset exposure programs in its non-volatile memory.
12.   The non-volatile memory of the device allows storage and dis-play (after plugging-in) of the last used program number.
13.   The surface temperature of the emitters of the flexible emitting lines does not exceed 41 ºС.
14.   The setting time of the device operating mode does not exceed 60 s.
15.   The flexible emitting lines contain labeling of the magnetic field pole: “N” = north.
16.   In case of the device malfunction, generation of alarm signaling and automatic termination of the exposure mode is provided.
17.   The device displays the following indications:

· program number;

· exposure time;

· presence of magneto-action.

18.    The duration of the device continuous operation is at least 8 hours in an intermittent cycle: 20 minutes of magneto-action are fol-lowed by a 5-minute break.
19.   Mean lifetime - 5 years.
20.   The exterior surfaces of the device components are resistant to disinfection with any chemical solution approved in medical practice for application for plastic and metal products.

Contraindication :

· Bleeding liability

· Thrombocytopenia, bleeding and coagulopathy

· Systemic blood diseases

· Malignant Neoplasms

· Severe cardiac arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal Tachycardia)

· Implantable pacemaker

· Cardiac, aortic and big vascular aneurysm

· Psychic and alcoholic excitement

· Acute purulent process on the head

· Active tuberculosis process

· Infectious diseases in the acute stage, and the fever of any etiology

· Thyrotoxicosis

· Respiratory failure<

· Pregnancy

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