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Dens- Applicator fro pain relief

Dens- Applicator fro pain relief
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"DENS Applicator" is special additional belt electrode for Denas devices.

Consists of two multiple-electrode strips and 1 belt + 3 cuffs (one wide and two narrow) which can be adjusted with Velcro fasteners. Probe is designed to treat inaccessible zones of back, hip, neck and shoulders. It is also useful for treating larger segments of the body simultaneously.

Reliable electrodes fixation on the body provides comfort during the therapy session: the patient can seat in comfortable position and apply DENS independently.

When you feel pain in your back or neck, pain or discomfort in the muscles or joint pain, apply DENS-applicator onto the necessary area and let it do the job. The device is easily fixed and doesn't need the third-party assistance. Thanks to its extended area DENS-Applicator makes the treatment process more rapid and effective. DENS-applicator works with every DENAS therapy tool that has sockets for external electrodes. It will be a really great addition to almost any DENAS therapy device.


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DENS-Applicator is the best solution if:

  • You experience discomfort or pain in your neck or back (myotonia, osteochondrosis, injury, overcooling etc.)
  • Your muscles ache or feel stunned (overtraining, myositis, injury, sprain, inflammation)
  • Your regularly experience pain because of the chronic joint disease (arthritis, arthrosis etc.)

Please note that DENS-Applicator is not a permanent solution of the problem. We recommend you to go through a full-time treatment course with DENS-family products for complete recovery. DENS-Applicator is to be used as an instant pain reliever with no need to take medications or when there is no opportunity to as for a qualified medical help.

1 year full manufacturer warranty

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