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Cem Tech Spinor AK TOM card emitter Medium size COVID-19 prevention and vaccination

Cem Tech Spinor AK TOM  card emitter  Medium size COVID-19  prevention and vaccination
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Product directly from the manufacturer SPINOR company

Spinor CEM TECH card emitter  Size M  8,2 x 5  cm ( 3,2 x 2 in )

The recorded Spinor card is an analogue of the yellow emitter, only more powerful and with a larger working surface. It can be used both in EHF and FRI mode.
Suitable for working with large areas of damage to the body: fractures, large wounds, solar plexus area (gastrointestinal problems), etc. It is very convenient for structuring water, a container with water can be simply put on the map. The card does not require mandatory attachment to the body after recording information on it; it can be carried in a pocket or placed under a pillow, which is very important for use with children.


The set includes a cord. The cord is needed to connect the card to the Spinor device (the cord from the emitters to the card does not fit).

The card can only be used with new devices with USB connectors. If you have a device with an old tulip connector, you will need an adapter to connect the card.

Wire included in set


Below you can read a fragment from this article - new research on the use of BRT therapy and the Spinor Device for COVID-19  prevention and vaccination 

              QBScovid free.pdf

Covid-19 free through Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics psychokinetic diagnotics, primary prevention and vaccination “Order and harmony are among the first perfections which we discern in this visible creation”

J.H. Newman

by Sergio Stagnaro, Marco Marchionni and Simone Caramel

2. Covid-19 Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics primary prevention and vaccination

2.1 Vaccination against covid-19 according to Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics

The purpose of SARS-CoV-2 QBS vaccination is to protect the vaccinated against a defined disease, in our case caused by Covid-19, by stimulating the synthesis of Ig-G in the vaccinated, as occurs in the patient who has passed the infection. Vaccination against Coronavirus, according to Quantum Biophysics Semeiotics, is made possible by using millimeter waves in BRR mode [26]. The following describes the clinical method to carry out vaccination against the covid-19 infectious disease.

With the Russian Ak-Tom device (ex Cem-Tech), using programme 2 (BRR-Mode), lasting one minute (60 seconds), the physician takes the electromagnetic radiation (information) emitted by the liver including the local B lymphocytes, entangled with all the others in the different locations, of a known subject, recovered from covid-19 or from the full-blown disease, after having appropriately positioned the two yellow diodes: one above the skin projection of the left lobe and the other above the skin projection of the right lobe of the liver (Figure 5).


So far, the Medical Doctor collects in two yellow Gunn diodes the information necessary to carry out this quantum vaccination. After 60 seconds, necessary for capturing the desired information derived from the oscillations of the Ig-G against the covid-19, the physician loads an “AK-Tom card” by simply connecting appropriate wires and using the Ak-Tom device, in order to vaccinate individuals who are not yet immune.

So the QBS vaccination is possible in several alternative ways:

1) by placing 2 yellow Gunn diodes, which contain the information captured by a cured covid-19 subject, on the liver of a subject not yet immune;

2) making available to a subject who is not yet immune, an “Ak-Tom card” loaded with the information captured by a subject recovered from covid-19;

3) using larger “Ak-Tom cards” to immunize, according to the procedures just described, a greater number of subjects at the same time (e.g., in the waiting rooms of hotels, airports, doctors' offices, fairs, railway stations, etc.) as in the pilot experiment mentioned below.

The senior author proceeded to load the frequencies of the various components of the liver of a person who overcame the infection from covid-19 in a larger AK-Tom card (A4 format, named Big-Mother Assirya Card), for the benefits of 30 healthy people, so recruited: Man 14, Female 16, aged between 10 and 80 years. The QBS evaluation of the vaccination benefits are as follows. The increase in the synthesis of Ig-G was significant in all the tested subjects. In details, we remember that, basically, in physiology, the evaluation of the Hepato Gastric Aspecific Reflex (GAR) between meals provides these informative parameters: the Latency time of GAR is eight seconds (Lt = 8s), the Duration of GAR is between three and four seconds (3s < D < 4s). Immediately after irradiation of the vaccinating information, obtained as described above, to the recruited subjects not yet immune and vaccinated, the Latency time of their hepato GAR doubled, rising to 16 seconds, while their hepato GAR duration increases to 4-5 seconds.

The Spattini Sign (see Chapter 1.4), sought after in the pharynx and skeletal muscle, was basically absent in the recruited subjects before, but present after vaccination: Lt was 7-8 seconds and Duration was 4-7 seconds. The data of Clinical Microangiology in the recruited subjects are extremely interesting (14). Basically and between meals, fluctuations in the peripheral hepatic heart showed an intensity of no more than 1.5 cm and duration of the diastole of 7 seconds. After vaccination, the intensity exceeded 2 cm and the duration rose to 8 seconds, as in subjects who have overcome the infection with covid-19. Obviously the serological tests, performed before and after the vaccination, corroborate the results of the senior author research. The use of Big-Mother Assirya Card, suitably loaded as indicated above, has favorable social implications. Placing a couple of these cards at the entrance of a factory, offices, schools, places where people gather (for example, Churches) would effectively contribute to the fight against covid-19 by requiring a limited expense. Through the Ak-Tom we are able to capture the information of the B lymphocytes, present in the liver, of an already covid-19 immunized person. These B lymphocytes, being already mature, contain the information (etymologically, information is that which gives shape) suitable to train, to teach the immune system what to do, how to react if the virus arrives. We therefore capture this information from an already immune subject, and transfer it to a subject not yet immune (or to a subject not infected) always positioning the diodes above the skin projection of the liver, (left lobe and right lobe) in such a way that this information goes to train, to train his/her B lymphocytes not yet trained on what to do if the virus arrives. So the quantum vaccine does not cause the antibody synthesis reaction as any other vaccine would do (with related side effects), but simply it does a training, it teaches what to do to the B lymphocytes and everything that follows: production of Ig-G and Ig-M antibodies, etcetera, and all this therefore always working only and solely on information (no drug, no particular substance introduced into the body) and therefore without any side effect. Those who are subjected to the QBS vaccine may simply initially feel mild symptoms similar to those of covid-19 (for example, dyspnoea, altered taste of food), testifying that the vaccine is implementing and working, mild symptoms that obviously in short time disappear, testifying that the immunization has been successfully implemented. The mechanisms of traditional vaccination, consisting in creation of maximum specific cellular and humoral immunity against viruses and bacteria, are well investigated since times of L.Pasteur. In simplified form it could be presented as struggle of specific antibodies and cells of organism immune against alien antigenes. This method has a number of serious lacks, the main of which relates to poorly predicted immunity changes with possible allergization, long period of immunity formation, impossibility for steady immunity formation at fast mutation of viruses and bacteria. Regarding the forthcoming approved vaccines against covid-19 there are many unanswered questions. For example: how long will the protection they guarantee us last? We don't know. It may be necessary to re ritalibrace it every year, as for the flu vaccine. Because it's likely that this virus won't be nipped as it did for SarS-CoV in 2002, and so we're going to be dealing with it, probably for a long time to come and several more seasons, like the flu waves. Another question: how will the forthcoming approved vaccines behave in the face of significant mutations of the virus such as the spike D614G variant? We don't know. Is the significant rate of mutation of covid-19 greater or lower than the time frame for developing and making available the related anti-virus? The SarS-CoV-2 QBS vaccination using Ak-Tom technology does not care too much about these issues, because it is able to be updated in real time in relation to any mutation of the virus, as fast as you want, and it can be administered several times, with every update you want, without side effects, so this solves both the problem of fast mutations of the virus and duration of its immunizing effect. Note! The authors declares that there is no conflict of interest. This clinical research was conducted - as always - for the sake of medicine without any personal economic benefit. Ak-Tom (Cem-Tech) producers & sellers ignore this article before it is published. 2.2 Covid-19 Pre-Primary and Primary Prevention with Restructuring Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy We underline an essential aspect in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic: the Restructuring Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy (RMQT) (13) acts effectively on the structure / function of the thymus and therefore allows us to defend ourselves in the best way against covid-19. Among those affected by covid-19, die those with impaired thymus, while those who have a wellfunctioning thymus, perhaps thanks to RMQT (13), react successfully. One of the most effective tools of RMQT is the use of millimeter waves (14) through Ak-Tom (ex Cem-Tech). In particular to improve the immune system and its activation the following is suggested. Using program 2 (mode BRR), yellow diode, in the evening before sleeping, the crystal is placed on the retrosternal area just below the jugule, corresponding to the thymus. The crystal is fixed with a non-medicated plaster. Program 2 is run for 60 seconds, after which the crystal is detached from the USB cable, leaving it in place overnight (for at least 8 hours). The treatment is repeated for 8 nights.

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