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Bentonite clay edible for detox and scin care 0,5 kg (1.1 lb)

Bentonite clay edible for detox and scin care 0,5 kg (1.1 lb)
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Bentonite clay for detox and skin care . Edidle. For internal and external use. 0,5 kg =1.1lb





Bentonite clay has been used worldwide, since the earliest recorded history, as a safe, inexpensive, natural remedy for many health problems. It contains ancient volcanic ash composed of montmorillonite, magnesium and 67 other trace minerals. Many researchers believe that montmorillonite is the mineral responsible for its beneficial healing qualities. In addition, many health concerns and diseases stem from magnesium and trace mineral deficiencies, especially seen with those who ingest sugar, which robs the body of minerals and other nutrients (Lick the Sugar Habit, by Nancy Appelton, PhD). The minute particles of bentonite clay hold a negative charge that attracts a wide variety of toxins and pathogens, which include heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria, which hold a positive charge.

Bentonite clay gained its name from one of the largest deposits in Fort Benton, Wyoming. However, our “bentonite clay” comes from a pristine, ecologically clean location in the Ukraine in its natural form. Our clay lumps have not been subjected to a milling process, unlike dehydrated powders. Our superior natural product retains its inherent healing qualities unavailable in commercially-prepared clay powders (healing clay should never come in contact with metal).

Some of the many health benefits of bentonite clay include:Cleansing the liver, colon and skin of radiation (the underlying cause of “modern disease” as documented by Dr. Leuren Moret, geoscientistat, toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, and pathogens; balancing bacteria in the digestive tract for improved nutrient assimilation;and strengthening the immune system.

For centuries, people around the globe have used bentonite clay for its healing properties and reported health improvements, including the elimination of colitis, food allergies, food poisoning, viral infections, and parasites. Bentonite clay has provided relief, healing and/or reversal for many sufferers of various maladies, including:acne, alcoholism, anemia, arthritis, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain, wounds, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, animal and insect bites; it has gained a solid reputation for being effective in aiding weight loss and treating many digestive conditions. Bentonite clay also re-mineralizes cells and tissues, alkalizes the body and protects against radiation.







Instructions for the use of bentonite clay:

Mix one to two teaspoons of clay to an 8 ounce glass of properly filtered water. Do this for three days and stop using it for four days. On the fifth day, resume taking it for four days, and stop using it for three days.Continue with this schedule for up to four weeks for an intermittent cleansing of the body, which allows the body to acclimate to this cleansing process. Document your beginning and ending assessments of your health status and then spread the word!

It is strongly recommended to ingest bentonite clay on an empty stomach (at least one hour before a meal or before taking supplements and herbs) to keep it from interfering with the absorption of nutrients. Many health care practitioners also recommend during this cleansing process to avoid refined sugars to boost its healing effectiveness and to take the bentonite clay with psyllium husks with plenty of purified water (filtered, with removal of toxins, including chlorine and fluoride). The increased hydration is necessary to prevent constipation. Bentonite clay may lead to constipation because of its ability to absorb many times its weight in pathogens and toxins. Degenerative conditions in the digestive tract may also lead to constipation.

Bentonite clay topical packs can be used for such conditions as headaches, infected wounds, bone and muscle damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, skin conditions (including eczema and psoriasis), eye strain and tumors. One to twelve cups of bentonite clay poured in a hot bath helps todetoxify and rejuvenate the skin.

Important Contraindications:


Any individual taking prescription medications; and/or with high blood pressure must use bentonite clay internally only under the supervision of a health practitioner! In addition, patients diagnosed with iron intolerance should not take bentonite clay without blood sample monitoring. Bentonite clay should never come in contact with any metals.

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