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Beadger fat/oil 250 ml Siberian Russian 100% natural

Beadger fat/oil 250 ml Siberian Russian 100% natural
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                                   Set of 4 animal fat - bear, badger, mink, seal.
                                                             Each bottle is 250 ml

Healing fats are foods that have unique health benefits. Conditionally, they can be divided into two large groups: animal fats, which hibernate, where the main effect is due to useful substances accumulated in fat, and fish oil, which is useful so-called omega acids.

Badger and bear fats are especially prized.

The reason for their healing effect is simple - their rich composition. These animals live in a forest area, and their diet is very diverse, and the body fat is very thick. In winter, they hibernate, which lasts for several months. During this period, fat provides the animal body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements, supporting the metabolic processes of the body.

Mink fat has great healing power: both for external and internal use. The mink is practically the only animal that is not susceptible to any skin diseases. This is due to the uniquely high immunity, which is supported by fat stores.

  Seal fat is an absolutely unique product consisting of effectively combined biologically active substances. Seal fat normalizes metabolic processes, improves blood composition, helps in the treatment of skin diseases, tuberculosis, arthritis, intestinal inflammation, etc. Its usefulness has been tested by generations of people living off the coast.


 Expiry date 2023

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