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Almag + Almag Plus New model voltage 220V magneto therapy PEMF

Almag + Almag Plus New model voltage 220V  magneto therapy PEMF
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             We do not sell Almag to USA and Canada .

     Devices produced for Europe and Russia do not function properly in the USA 

ALMAG +           ALMAG PLUS           220V 50 HZ      NEW VERSION            ENGLISH MA                                              

Novelty of a professional level for clinical and home physiotherapy of joints ALMAG +

Modern device ALMAG + - a chance to live and move actively, without pain and aggravations, to be dynamic, efficient and full of energy.

ALMAG + gives the opportunity at the professional level:

point to eliminate inflammation and pain;

point to remove muscle spasm and swelling of tissues;

point to slow down the progression of chronic disease;

item improve mobility and activity.

ALMAG + for joints. Indications for use:



osteochondrosis of all parts of the spine, specially adapted for the treatment of the cervical region;

herniated disc;

various injuries (fractures);

muscle pain.

And not only in the hospital, but also at home - in comfort and peace, without wasting time and nerves. And most importantly - with your personal specialist on the joints.

ALMAG + developed on scientific magnetobiological bases

The magnetic impulse field of the device interacts with the magnetically sensitive freely charged tissue particles, due to which the movement of the blood cells can be accelerated, and accordingly the blood circulation and metabolism can be improved.

As a result, the delivery of nutrients to the cells and the timely removal of the products of inflammation and decay are usually normalized.

Medicines can begin to flow to the joint quickly and in full, which leads to a reduction in the need for drugs and a reduction in the duration of treatment.

Able to strengthen the medical complex, suitable for monotherapy

That is why therapy with a device such as ALMAG +, as a rule, is part of a professional therapeutic complex of joint diseases.

At the same time, the device also works independently (as monotherapy): if it is necessary to accelerate the regeneration after fractures, bruises, sprains, sprains, relieve muscle pain or prevent exacerbations during chronic problems of the joints and spine.

Bright benefits and greater convenience

ALMAG + is a new development of the experts of the scientific and technical center of the ELAMED company. Specialists took into account the current achievements of science, preserved the advantages, corrected the shortcomings of the predecessor devices. At the same time, the possibilities of the novelty are expanded, the convenience is increased.



Reasons to choose ALMAG +

Personal joint specialist who treats with comfort.

 Created at a large specialized medical enterprise ELAMED.

 Convenient for clinical and home use.

 The improved design, reliable fastenings, the timer.

 There is a special mode to stop the inflammatory process and relieve exacerbation.

 It is able to eliminate pain, swelling, spasms and stiffness in case of arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, injuries and give ease of movement.

Can help babies from 1 month of age with musculoskeletal disorders.

 It is combined with various physiotherapeutic and medicinal products, it works to enhance joint action.

 It gives an opportunity to prolong remission, speed up recovery and give a lasting effect.

 Universal remedy with good functionality for the family first-aid kit.

 Combines convenience and work on the result.


The device is intended to provide physiotherapeutic treatment as well as recov-ery and rehabilitation measures using a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field, either in medical facilities or at home, upon the recommendation of a doctor.

The device consists of the control unit (current pulse generator) and an emitter comprising four interconnected inductor coils used to provide exposure to individual parts of the body.


• Arthritis, arthroses, osteochondropathy, or bone spur;

• Dorsopathy including osteochondrosis vertebralis, herniated nucleus pulposus, or scoliosis;

• Osteoporosis;

• Hypertensive disease of the I and II degree;

• Dystonia (vegetovascular dystonia);

• Complicatons of diabetes mellitus Type I and II;

• Atherosclerosis;

• Vein and lymph vascular disease including varicosity and its complicatons as well as lymphostasis;

• Asthma;

• Bronchitis;

• Nerve root and plexus disorders in extremities including post-traumatic as well as post stroke disorders;

• Injuries (fractures).



• Acute pyoinflammatory conditions;

aortic aneurysm ;

• Pregnancy;

• Systemic blood diseases;

• Malignancies;

• Thyrotoxicosis;

• Alcoholic intoxication;

• Atrial fibrillation;

• Implanted cardios mulator present in the exposure area.

Metal inclusions, if present in bone ssue, is not a contraindication to administration of the device in therapeutic doses.

Metal dental crowns, if present in mouth cavity, is not a contraindication to administration of the device in therapeutic doses.


1. Voltage 220V at 50Hz.


2.  Nominal power:110Va max


3.  Dimensions (mm):

142x75x35 for a control unit;

890x88x18 for an emitter;

the weight of the device is less than 0.8 kg.


4.  Coil excitation frequencies:

6.25/7.5 for a basic mode;

6.25/7.5 for an infant mode;

100/120 for an anti-inflammatory mode.


5.  Peak values of the magnetic field density on coil surfaces:

20±6mT/200±60G for a basic mode;

8±2mT/80±20G for an infant mode;

6±2mT/60±20G for an anti-inflammatory mode.


6. The duration of a single treatment session is 20 minutes by default for all modes, whereas the idle time is 10 minutes.


7. Maximum operating temperature:

+41°C for coils;

+45°C for a pulse generator.


The average service life of Almag+ is 5 years.

All outer parts of Almag+ are made of biomaterials. Also, they feature an increased level of chemical resistance, allowing you to apply medically approved disinfectants if necessary.

Set included-

- The device ALMAG + - 1 pc; -

- Fastening for a ruler - 1 piece;

- Belt - 2 pieces;

- Magnetic field indicator - 1 pc;

- Operation manual - 1 pc;

- Consumer packaging - 1 pc.

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