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Set №1 - basic set Mishin Coils Sinus generator TGS-7A + tor + large coil

 Set №1  - basic set Mishin Coils Sinus generator TGS-7A + tor + large coil
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Set № 1 basic set included -

1. Sine generator TGS-7A;

2.Small coil - Tor (diameter 6.5 cm);

3.Large flat coil (diameter 14 cm);

4.Static field indicator with LED;


The whole set of TGS-7A in the package: 2105 gr. Dimensions 250x250x200 mm.

TGS-7A: weight 660g. Dimensions 190x150x100mm

Coil: 245g. Diameter 150mm, thickness 18mm

Thor: 120 gr. Diameter 75mm, thickness35mm

Indicator: 22gr. Diameter 66mm, thickness 16mm


Output frequency: 200-450 kHz

Timer minutes: 5,15,30,60 minutes

AC adapter output frequency: 50/60 Hz

Supply voltage: 220 V     By  your request this kit can include a generator TGS -3A for 110V

Power consumed from the network, no more: 20VA

Electrical class: Class I

Electrical protection: IP54

Machine dimensions: 190x150x100mm

ATTENTION! The device will not start functioning until one of the timer buttons is pressed!


Sine generator TGS-7A;

Small coil - Tor (diameter 6.5 cm);

Large flat coil (diameter 14 cm);

Static field indicator with LED;


Sinus generators TGS-7A. New modification of the 19th year with medical plastic coils and recommendations for the use of the device,

The device "TGS-7A" is a small-sized device made in a durable plastic case. Inside the body there is an electronic microprocessor control unit for the device, a sinusoidal oscillator with a flexible cable connected to it with coils - emitters.

The principle of operation of the apparatus "TGS-7A" is the healing effect of the electrostatic field on the cells. The apparatus consists of a sine-wave generating circuit that generates a current with a frequency of 200 to 450 kHz, and a resonant circuit (disc and torus coils, which must be tuned to a frequency of 300-310 kHz).

All coils and body of the device are made of high quality, non-toxic ABS plastic.

The set includes: the device itself, 2 coils and a static field indicator. The oscillator circuit can output a signal to the coils with a rotating field effect.

The device is equipped with a Min-Max power switch. In Min mode, the signal output is limited to 50% of the maximum value.

The generator is automatically calibrated to the resonant frequency of the connected capacitive coil. This equipment comes with coils specially selected for the device.

Do not connect coils whose frequency range does not fall within 300-310 kHz to the TGS-7A generator, this may damage the device.

At the same time, a stable wave is formed, which can be easily identified by the field indicator included in the device kit. The operation of the capacitive coil can be checked at any time by holding the field indicator to it, while the LEDs will change the brightness of the glow, depending on the distance to the coil.

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