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OSTEO Denas for treating neck osteochondrosis

OSTEO Denas  for treating neck osteochondrosis
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The Osteo-DENS is a specialized apparatus for treating the problems with the neck.  It is useful to those, who suffer neck osteochondrosis, whiplash, a sense of congestion or fatigue in the region of the neck and/or other problems in the region of shoulder girdle or upper back.

The Osteo-DENS instument is useful for anyone experiencing:  pain syndrome, muscular stress, a limitation of neck mobility, fatigue of muscles and other functional disturbances.  These conditions are usually caused by the diseases of the neck muscles, diseased upper area of the spine, or whiplash  injury.  Additionally, it is useful for treating pain in the shoulder girdle area, as well as stiffness caused by prolonged forced neck positioning or by hard physical work.

The Osteo-DENS device is intended for electrostimulation of reflex zones on the posterior surface of the human neck.  The device has built-in electrodes and operates with the use of 2 standard AA batteries.

The neck is the most mobile and vulnerable part of the spine that is why every person has pain in the neck during his or her life regardless of the age and gender. Among other reasons for pain the most frequent ones are diseases and traumas of the cervical spine, muscles, and neck ligaments. The name of the cranial vertebra is "Atlas". Atlas in the Greek mythology is a Titan who supports the dome of heaven on his shoulders.  The neck supports the head, nerve channels and blood supply of the brain. The general state of health depends on the health of the cervical spine.  That is why, pain in the neck needs special attention and special treatment. Among methods of treatment of acute and chronic pain in the neck, non-drug methods are preferred nowadays.  No matter which reason results in pain in the neck, a complex of proper actions are needed for efficient treatment and prophylaxis of attacks, among which dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) has an important and vital position.

3. RESULTS Many years of scientific research provide clear evidence that the DENS treatment effect demonstrates a powerful healing influence.  Research shows that the healing process is based on multilevel reflex and neurochemical reactions which activate a chain of regulatory and the adaptive 31 mechanisms of the body.  As a result, pain syndromes are eliminated, blood circulation is improved, biologically active substances formation and metabolic processes in tissues are activated, muscle and vascular tone are normalized. The dynamic electroneurostimulation promotes improvement of the general state of health, mood and increase of work efficiency.

You do not need any special conditions for the procedure.  You can self administer the treatment procedures yourself.  The therapy is taken in a comfortable sitting or lying position.  About 20 minutes are required for the full treatment after which the Osteo-DENS will automatically turn off.  When the treatment procedure is complete, the patient should relax for 10-15 minutes.  Depending on the intensity of the disorder, treatment should continue. on a daily basis, until the disorder is resolved and good health in the neck area has been restored.

The intensity (power) of electrostimulation is determined by subjective patient's sensations. Electrostimulation intensity is conditionally divided into three energy levels (electric ranges).

The first minimum level - the patient does not have any subjective sensations or feels subtle vibrations in the subelectrode zone. This light level should be applied in cases where treatment should not be intensive, i.e. for patients with diseases of the cardio-vascular system (arterial hypertension, arterial hypotension, syndrome of vegetativevascular dystonia).  For patients who often have headaches, dizziness, treatment also shall be conducted at this minimum power level.

The second comfortable level - the patient feels light pricking, vibration or light sensation without pain.  It is applied for mild pains or medium intensity pains. This is the most frequently used power level.

The third maximum level - the patient feels fairly strong pricking.  Such intensity can be indicated by involuntary contraction of muscles close to the electrodes.  This level should be used in the case of strongly expressed pain syndrome.







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