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Omelon B-2 NON invasive Blood glucose meter monitor no pain no needles no strips non invasive

Omelon B-2 NON invasive Blood glucose meter monitor no pain no needles no strips non invasive
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Non-invasive Glucometer
Glucose Sugar Monitoring System without Test Strips and Needles

The Omelon device performs three functions simultaneously: it automatically measures blood pressure, pulse rate and is an indicator of glucose level without blood sampling. Why is the synchronicity of these measurements so important? According to the world health organization, 10 percent of the world's population suffers from diabetes. If you have a simultaneous increase in blood pressure and blood glucose levels, then the risk of developing a myocardial infarction or stroke increases by 50 times, so it is very important to monitor these two indicators simultaneously.
"Omelon B-2" will allow you to control your health without causing inconvenience and additional costs. Measures sugar levels without drawing blood or puncturing a finger. You will also measure your blood glucose without a blood glucose meter or test strips.

The medical device "OMELON", which has no analogues in the world and has become the winner of many competitions, has already been called unique (a glucose meter without a test strip). It was developed by OMELON together with representatives of Bauman Moscow state technical University. Developers and manufacturers have invested in the device the most advanced technical solutions to ensure that each user can significantly improve their health.

Limitations in the use of:
For people with a sharp fluctuation in blood pressure, with widespread atherosclerosis and extremely sharp fluctuations in blood sugar, the device gives an error, since the tone of blood vessels in these people changes much more slowly than in others.

Limit of permissible basic error of blood glucose concentration indication, % ±20

Specifications of Omelon B-2:

·       Non-invasive blood glucose meter:

Blood glucose indication range: 2 to 18 mmol / l (36.4 to 327 mg / DL)

·       Heart rate measurement:

Range of heart rate is from 40 to 180 beats per min. Measurement error ± 3%

·       Measuring range blood pressure:

The measurement ranges for adults is from 30 to 280 mm Hg (from 4.0 to 36.3 kPa);

The measurement ranges for children - from 30 to 180 mm Hg (from 4.0 to 24.0 kPa).

Measurement error ± 3%.

The Kit Includes:
- Omelon B-2
- Cuff
- Case
- User Manual in English

- User Manual in Russian

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