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BioTrEM® health card Electronic information nanocarrier card "OpTima"

BioTrEM®  health card Electronic information nanocarrier card  "OpTima"
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NNI (Electronic information nanocarrier) "OpTima" is a device for the restoration and regulation of eating behavior in order to correct and bring weight to an optimal state.

The applied information (spectral pattern) in ENNY "OpTima" corresponds to the spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of the parts of the human brain responsible for eating behavior and satiety.

Product purpose

The action of the highly scientific technical device of the Electronic information nanocarrier "OpTima" is aimed precisely at the trigger mechanism of obesity. ANNIE "OpTima" contributes to the normalization of the brain, namely, the centers of the brain responsible for eating behavior.

As a result of the use of the ANNIE "OpTima" device, weight is gradually normalized without acute stress for the body.

Effects in ANNIE "OpTima":

normalizes atypical forms of eating behavior;

harmonizes the psychological processes associated with the process of food consumption;

normalizes metabolic processes in the body;

brings the weight to the optimal value, based on individual characteristics.

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