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Enterosgel made by CREOMA FARM 405g g for body detox weight loss beauty skin allergy remove alkohol poisoning

Enterosgel made by CREOMA FARM 405g g for body detox weight loss beauty skin allergy remove alkohol poisoning
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Composition: polymethylsiloxane hydrogel 70%, purified water 30%

ENTEROSGEL is a medicinal preparation, an enterosorbent, which carries harmful substances away from the body. It is a bit like a "smart sponge" with pores, the size of which corresponds to the size of the molecules of harmful substances. The product does not absorb beneficial substances.
The important fact is that Enterosgel is not absorbed in the mucosa of the digestive and intestinal (gastrointestinal) system. Enterosgel passes through the intestinal tract in a natural manner, absorbing toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses, and is eliminated from the body after 7 hours. The effect of Enterosgel has been clinically evidenced; the product helps both in usual intestinal problems, food poisonings, hangover and in the treatment of severe systemic diseases, allergies and other conditions causing body intoxication. These properties, verified by more than 15 years of observation, make it a true family product for domestic first-aid kits.




 - Alcohol and Enterosgel. 
Enterosgel firmly connects the alcohol, taking it to the gastrointestinal, have not given it back ensuring reliable delivery of «pot». ; useful whenever it is necessary to rid the body from the harmful influence of alcohol. 
For example: the situation is number 1. 
You need to participate in a major feast with the inevitable consumption of large quantities of alcohol. In doing so, you need to preserve the full clarity of mind and protect the liver and pancreas from the ravages of alcohol. The recipe is very simple: just before the meal you are taking at least three - four tablespoons enterosgelya (take a spoon gel odorless and tastes, chews and drink water, can be sweet, the dose can be increased enterosgelya). This measure will increase your tolerance to alcohol drunk. 
Attention! These are mature citizens of full age, children of alcohol is prohibited by law! 
Situation number 2. 
You are already fairly load alcohol, accidentally hitting the Georgian wedding. Enterosgelya with them was not. «Better it had been», - bitterly and inarticulate exclaims you vypolzaya of taxis on the eve of the house. You need to urgently protrezvet, it has already 4 o'clock in the morning and in the 9-00 meeting of the Chief! I will not detract from the effectiveness of washing the stomach with pure water. Moreover, your cries have «porcelain vases» soften the hearts of his wife and teschi. Do not deny and purification enema, as it also helps to remove from the body fair amount of alcohol. But after these miraculous actions necessarily take a minimum of 5 table spoons Enterosgelya, razzhevyvaya it slowly and zapivaya water with honey or a delicious tea. Loss of potassium successfully fill brine or dissolved in 1 liter of water powder Regidrona. 
Refreshing shower, svezhepodzharenny steak, a cup of coffee, and at a meeting at Chef you will be at altitude. 
Situation number 3. 
It is time to stop, it's time to quit deeply. In this situation the need expert help with narcologist. But the reception Enterosgelya during the day could easily save you from long «IV». 
Antibiotics and Enterosgel. 
Antibiotics and destructive act on the normal intestinal microflora. He died, microflora provides endotoxin in the bowel lumen. If you give vsosatsya endotoxin in the blood, it will act detrimental to the whole organism, greatly complicating and lengthened the recovery process. Therefore, after 2-3 hours after taking the antibiotic should take 2-3 tablespoons Enterosgelya, who as a sponge to pick up a dead microorganisms and endotoxin did not give him vsosatsya in the blood. The severity of the disease will diminish, but the recovery will occur faster. 

 Pregnancy and Enterosgel. 
Enterosgel not to take away from the mother's body vitamins, digestive enzymes, amino acids, and immunoglobulins. He did not rob any mother or fetus. The findings of toxic substances from the body through the intestines, it reduces the load on the liver and kidneys. Therefore, effective with complications of pregnancy (gestosis). In toxemia of pregnancy morning, empty stomach, not getting up out of bed, you need to eat a few spoons Enterosgelya and bust his Borzhomi or water with honey and juice of half a lemon. If you Enterosgel usual unpleasant grind and drink, use Enterosgel - paste. It can cook «fool», adding water to your favorite syrup, or «gel», - adding the syrup with water. The lack of their own taste and odor from Enterosgelya makes the illusion complete fool and jelly. The glass that fool the morning, before lunch and at night, will significantly improve your mood. 
Helminthiasis glistnye or invasion and Enterosgel. 
Enterosgel is not protivoglistnym tool. But the intoxication, which inevitably accompanies glistnoy and the invasion and the more the process of receiving funds antiparazitarnyh requires the active removal of toxins from the body and protect pecheni.Enterosgel copes with this task the most natural way, the findings of toxins through the intestine. 
 gastritis, gastroduodenitis and Enterosgel. 
Recent studies have shown that enterosgel in the complex treatment prevents the development of stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, v. K. create unfavorable conditions for development of microbial helikobakter pilori. In these cases Enterosgel are inside, and razzhevav zapiv water 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. 
Gynecology and Enterosgel. 
Enterosgel recommended for the treatment of both acute and chronic viral and bacterial vaginal infections, and for the treatment of fungal diseases (including the omnipresent thrush). Enterosgel are inside along the lines adopted in the intestinal disbiozah and vnutrivaginalno. Introduced vnutrivlagalischno in sufficient quantities enterosgel not only takes away the toxic products of pathogenic microorganisms, and destroys it and creates the conditions for the development of normal microflora of the vagina. Enterosgel promotes and mucosal recovery, as a result and a speedy recovery. Introduction Enterosgelya in the complex treatment allows to get rid of the painful itching. 
Beneficial effects on the mucous membranes Enterosgelya covers the vagina and cervix has been successfully used gynecologists in the treatment of cervical erosion. As developed by Dr. Gusakov JK technique Enterosgel within 10 days after the burning of erosion is introduced into the vagina, which makes it possible bezrubtsovuyu epithelization place burning. To prevent a recurrence of the erosion of the introduction of a special device useful Enterosgelya into the vagina before going to bed (this is how much does not interfere with normal sexual activity). We recommend that you carry out these procedures within 7-10 days prior to the onset of menses and also after their completion. 
- Diabetes and sugar Enterosgel. 
diabetes type two effects gives a good reception Enterosgelya 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day. Down it must be sealed in accordance with the instructions of tea plant «Arfazetin». In any pharmacy, you can find these reliable and affordable domestic friends.


Information on use


Usage: the product is intended for detoxication of the body; when passing through the gastrointestinal tract it binds middle-molecule toxic substances, pathogenic bacteria and allergens and eliminates them from the body. It is non-absorbable. It improves the overall immunity of the body, alleviates the severity of various diseases, in particular infectious diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal disorders and allergic conditions, it accelerates the healing of wounds, it is a suitable supplementation to antibiotic treatment, and it speeds up the break-down of alcohol.

Dosage: adults – 1 tablespoon (i.e. 15g) 1–3 times per day; children aged 5 and more years – 1 heaped coffee spoon (i.e. 5–10g) 1–3 times per day. The product may be mixed with 1–2dl of water or simply taken with fluid 1.5–2 hrs before meal or 2 hrs after meal or medication. The recommended duration of application is 7–14 days. Do not exceed the daily dose. Higher dosage and extended treatment periods should be consulted with a doctor. When pushing the product from the container a small amount fluid may come out first.

Adverse reactions: not reported
Storage: Store at 4–25°РЎ in the closed tube.
Protect from freezing!
Use within 30 days of opening.
Minimum expiry period: see packaging.
Packaging: in tubes containing 135g.
Medical device
Do not store at temperatures less than +4°C.
Protect from drying out after opening.
Do not freeze.



1. What packages do Enterosgel and Enterosgel come in?

Today we produce Enterosgel in 135g, 270g and 405g packages.

2. May I wash down Enterosgel and Enterosgel  with water? 

It is recommended to wash down the medicine with a sufficient quantity of water.

3. What is the price of Enterosgel ?


  • in 135 g package –  32$US
  • in 270 g package –  45$US
  • in 405 g package –  55$US

4. What is the course of treatment for Enterosgel ?

Usually the course of treatment is 10 to 14 days. That is why for a child we recommend taking a 135 g or 270 g package, at one teaspoonful (5g) three times a day; for an adult, a 405 g package, at one tablespoonful (15 g) three times a day.

5. Since what age may children take Enterosgel a?

Children aged 3 months and older may take one teaspoonful (5g) twice a day, children of 3 and older – one teaspoonful three times a day, children aged 5 and older – one dessert spoon (10g) three times a day, and children aged 11 and older – one tablespoonful (15g) three times a day.

6. May I take Enterosgel Sweet in case of diabetes?

Yes, you may because the medicine dos not contain sugar. We use artificial sweeteners to create a sweet taste, that is why patients with diabetes may take Enterosgel Sweet (paste) and Enterosgel (paste).

7. May I purchase Enterosgel  without a prescription.

This medicine is an over-the-counter one, and can be sold at drugstores without a doctor’s prescription.

8. How should Enterosgel  be kept?

The medicine should be stored at indoor temperature (15-25 degrees Centigrade). After opening the factory package, the medicine should be kept in a closed package to preserve it from drying.

9. May I take Enterosgel in case of constipation?

This medicine can be taken in case of constipation. Meanwhile, you should eat more vegetable food and oil, as well as fermented milk products with living bacterial cultures. If possible, we recommend increasing your physical activity. If necessary, you may use laxatives (saline or vegetative) or cleansing enema during the first days when you take the medicine.

10. May I take Enterosgel  in case of allergy?

The medicine is recommended for use in case of allergic reactions because it fixes and gets allergens out of system and in one or two days it produces an effect of reducing allergic manifestations. In bad cases, application of Enterosgel allows reducing doses of antihistamines and hormonal agents or refusing them at all.






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