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Ecomag "Light S ". Set №3 "Universal" Mishin coils set

Ecomag "Light S ". Set №3 "Universal"  Mishin coils set
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 Ecomag generator and coils. Compared to similar devices, the Ecomag device is made at a higher technological level. It is produced on the basis of original unique scientific developments, which made it much more effective. .Due to the ideal signal shape, the penetrating power of the signal  and the therapeutic effect are much higher. Adjustment of the output signal -  25, 50, 100% - you can adjust the device depending on body weight. 10% min - for animals and children; max 100% - for people with large body weight. The device has several unique and useful features.
1. Pause setting. You can interrupt the procedure and then continue it as you wish.
2. Switching the device to silent mode, it is convenient when using at night.
3. The coils included in the kit are completely cast, which excludes the possibility of winding displacement and distortion of settings during the entire service life.
The effectiveness of Ecomag has been confirmed in the course of research in medical centers in Russia, Israel and other countries. The device works from 12V to 220V in any corner of the globe.

Ecomag Light-S Generator (Stationary)
Power supply from the power supply: INPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz OUTPUT:9V 2A

The generator operates in two modes (there is a switch on the case)
Mode 1: The 22 cm coil is turned on. (built-in).
Mode 2: Disables the 22 cm coil and turns on the output for using additional coils:
14 cm, TORUS, flexible coil, static spikes and blankets.
Mode 0: Turns off the generator.
The technical difference from the Ecomag-1 generator is the absence of an audible
signal about the end of the session. The ability to select the operating time of the
device and change the current parameters. 

1- Output for connecting coils.
2- Input for connecting the power supply.
3- Mode switch button (I-turns on the built-in coil 22 cm)
(II-turns on the output for additional coils) (0-turns off the generator)
4- Indication of the operation of the built-in coil 22 cm. (Blue)
5- Indication of output operation for additional coils. (Red)



Generator Ecomag Light;
Power Supply;
Field indicator;
step-up transformer;
Coil average 14 cm;
Static spikes 14 and 22 cm;
pockets clamps as a gift.

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