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Ecomag "Light S ". Set №3 "Universal" Mishin coils set

Ecomag "Light S ". Set №3 "Universal"  Mishin coils set
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Ecomag Light-S Generator (Stationary)
Power supply from the power supply: INPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz OUTPUT:9V 2A

The generator operates in two modes (there is a switch on the case)
Mode 1: The 22 cm coil is turned on. (built-in).
Mode 2: Disables the 22 cm coil and turns on the output for using additional coils:
14 cm, TORUS, flexible coil, static spikes and blankets.
Mode 0: Turns off the generator.
The technical difference from the Ecomag-1 generator is the absence of an audible
signal about the end of the session. The ability to select the operating time of the
device and change the current parameters. 

1- Output for connecting coils.
2- Input for connecting the power supply.
3- Mode switch button (I-turns on the built-in coil 22 cm)
(II-turns on the output for additional coils) (0-turns off the generator)
4- Indication of the operation of the built-in coil 22 cm. (Blue)
5- Indication of output operation for additional coils. (Red)



Generator Ecomag Light;
Power Supply;
Field indicator;
step-up transformer;
Coil average 14 cm;
Static spikes 14 and 22 cm;
pockets clamps as a gift.

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