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Wheat germ oil organic 350ml 12oz extra virgin

Wheat germ oil organic 350ml 12oz extra virgin
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Wheat germ oil 350 ml

Unrefined and non-deodorized






It is produced according to an ancient Japanese recipe solely by mechanical technique by the first cold-pressed procedure.



This wonderful dietetic oil is manufactured with a use of the new vitamin preserving technology from wheat germs.



Wheat germ oil is a unique superconcetrate of vitamins and biologically active substances put by nature to the seed for renewal of a new life.



This oil has wonderful gastronomic and dietetic properties with a broad spectrum of action.



Wheat germ oil is used for cooking various cold and hot dishes, salads, beetroot salads, sauces, cabbage for serial dressing, boiled potatoes, garnishes, first and second courses. It is tasty and useful to mix it with cottage cheese and greens.



Adding a small amount of wheat germ oil to other oils prevents their rancidity and prolongs their keeping time.

Wheat germ oil at struggle with diseases

Regular internal use of wheat germ oil is recommended:



  • for immunity strengthening and premature aging prevention;
  • for treatment of endocrine system organs diseases;
  • for treatment of diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, for increasing organism tolerance against stress and for treatment of insomnia;
  • as a component of a complex program of overweight treatment;
  • in the period of rehabilitation after severe diseases or operations;
  • in the period of rehabilitation after the course of radiation therapy and chemotherapy;
  • in case of systematic alcohol use, acute alcohol poisoning;
  • as a component of organism complex purification program (removing residues, toxins and salts of heavy metals).



Regular use of wheat germ oil will bring a noticeable benefit to those:



  • who go in for sports or fitness as far as it promotes muscular strength and physical stamina;
  • who lives in environmentally unfavourable regions;
  • whose professional activity is connected with such harmful factors as noise, vibration, radiation, toxicants impact.
  • as a medical and preventive measure wheat germ oil should be taken in amounts of 1 teaspoon twice a day, 30 minutes before meals (an optimal course of treatment is 1-2 months).



External application of wheat germ oil is the most reasonable:



  • for improvement of skin and hair condition (this oil is extra nutrient for dry and aging skin);
  • in case of skin injuries and diseases as far as wheat germ oil has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, it promotes active granulation and epithelialization of damaged skin areas; it is successfully used in complex treatment of cuts, wounds, burns, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne;
  • after plastic operations as well as in case of noticeable skin sagging caused by a rapid weight reduction an also after childbirth for preventing stretching and skin tonus loss;
  • for control of pain in case of arthritis and bruises;
  • it is an ideal measure for skin nourishing around eyes and wrinkles smoothing;
  • in case of chapped rough and flaking lips;
  • in case of distrix it is recommended to rub wheat germ oil into hair.
  • as skin righting and moistening agent;
  • in case of cracks on palms and in corners of mouth (lips).

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