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LIFE EXPERT Webwellness Bioresonance diagnostic complex

LIFE EXPERT (LIFE EXPERT PROFI) gives you 3 new possibilities.

1. To make measurements and create individual treatment programs.
To do this, you need to:
a) download the WEBWELLNESS program to your account;
b) make an individual measurement;
c) get an individual program and record it on your LIFE BALANCE device.
The LIFE EXPERT  ( LE) device is equipped with special plates accessories allowing measurements to be made – using foot electrodes, metal cylinders, head electrode, etc. Our video guide explains in detail how to do the measurement. The measurement result will be displayed on the computer screen. You will receive an e-mail containing color сharts and diagrams reflecting, in an accessible form, the state of your 47 organs and systems.
These results are very easy to interpret. The information is presented in such a way that even an inexperienced user understands which parameters are within the normal range, and which ones need correction.
According to the results of these measurements, you can immediately order and receive an individual treatment program, based on your parameters, reflecting the state of the body at the time of measurement. You can record this program on your LIFE BALANCE device. Thus, you can do testing twice a day, in the morning and in the evening and download the treatment program to the LIFE BALANCE device and you will always have a perfect treatment program for you based on objective measurements of your body parameters.

2. Test any food, medicines and dietary supplements for the individual compatibility and usefulness to your body.
The LE device is designed with the function of testing any kind of food.
You can make a measurement as described above, and then repeat it, simply by placing one or another product in the bowl. This may be a pill, face cream, dietary supplement or anything else. The testing procedure will show you how your body indicators have changed when interacting with this product. You could try and apply it virtually... and see the result reflected on the screen. The result will allow you to accurately determine whether this product is useful to you or not.
By purchasing a LE device, you will receive 50 Euros to your account (virtually) and you can spend this money on the tests. You can do 200 tests for free (the usual test price is 0.5 euros

3. Get an additional income.

The acquisition of LIFE BALANCE and LIFE EXPERT (or LE PROFI) devices gives new opportunities to those who practice alternative medicine, to owners of clinics and medical offices.  You can make diagnostics for your patients, monitor the effectiveness of treatments that you provide: massage, manual therapy, any other procedures. You can also invite your friends and patients to purchase these devices. For each device you sell, you will receive a remuneration.

The LE PROFI device is designed for a more advanced user with a medical education or a person who is familiar with the principles of bioresonance diagnostics.
(LE PROFI) gives you possibility to conduct
endogenous bioresonance testing;
Reinhold Voll diagnostics;
vegetative resonance testing.


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