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LIFE BALANCE Webwellness portable antiparasitic BRT device

How does the LIFE BALANCE device work?

The operation of the LIFE BALANCE device can be briefly described in three words - recovery, restoration, purification.
With the help of electromagnetic waves, which coincide in frequency with the natural oscillations of microorganisms, LIFE BALANCE affects pathogens in our body and destroys them, increasing these oscillations.
The most important thing is that these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe for the human body, because the frequency of vital activity of the parasites does not overlap with the frequency of human vital activity.
How to use the LIFE BALANCE device?

The device has two antennas
the action of one is aimed at inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms;
the action of the other is targeted at restoring (harmonizing) organs and systems.
The device is very easy to use. You just need to select a program from the list, set the necessary value of impact and put the device next to the body (you can put it in your pocket). You can go about your normal business, while the device is on and the program is working. All family members can use one device in turns or simultaneously (see details in the instructions).
The device has 71 programs recorded - 35 antiparasitic programs, 35 rehabilitation programs, 1 universal (Energy)
You can select and run any program. The device allows you to choose one of 15 languages to display information on the screen.
You can choose from English, German, French, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and other languages.
Operating enhancement of the LIFE BALANCE device.

After purchasing the device, you can register with BPT (Business Process Technologies) as a partner of the company, receiving 150 euros (virtual money) in your account, download the LIFE PRO application to your computer for buying and compiling individual plans and programs, open a personal account, download new programs and plans to your LIFE BALANCE device.
The company has more than 1,500 anti-parasitic programs and 1,500 therapeutic programs, and these cover practically all the known scientifically identified bacteria, fungi, and parasites.  These programs can be installed on your device for free. To do this, simply download the LIFE PRO application to your personal account, select the program to install on your device.
Buying a LIFE BALANCE device may be an additional income.

This means if one of your friends wants to buy the device following your recommendation, you will receive a reward.
The amount of remuneration starts from 50 Euro. To register in the system, you need the registration code of your consultant (we will provide you with this code). If you are ready to devote a part of your time to selling and advertising appliances, this may be an additional source of income for you.
How can I know that the device works, what is the effect of the treatment?

After a while you will be able to feel a positive effect to your well-being. Many people note a marked improvement in their general vigor, improved sleep, appearance and a general increase of energy. You can do tests before using the device and 2-3 months after you started using it. Ova and parasite examinations and also blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol tests, renal ultrasonography (to check the presence of kidney stones), etc. All these indicators will give you an objective assessment of what effect LIFE BALANCE will have on your body.
LIFE BALANCE is an excellent device with a wide range of features, but the main questions that its owner may face are :

How do I know which programs are exactly for me, how to choose the right program?

What are the hidden problems in my body? What needs my attention first?
How to apply LIFE BALANCE device for maximum benefit? How from all the variety of medicines, dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetic products and perfumes, herbs and teas, food and drinks I can choose what will be useful for me?  Is the list of products optimal for me? What medicine would work as effectively as possible?
For diagnostics there are LIFE EXPERT and LIFE EXPERT PROFI devices.
We recommend buying both LIFE BALANCE and LIFE EXPERT at the same time, as the effect they give in combination cannot be overestimated!


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