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No vital processes in the human organism may take place without water. Our health depends on its quality and properties. At the end 70-ies of the last century the researchers found one more variety of water - ionized water.

Ionized water is generated in special appliances - water ionizers Pearl. In the process of water electrolysis two types of ionized water are generated in 3 separate containers of the ionizer. These are the alkaline water and the acid water.

The water properties are characterised by two main parameters. These are alkalinity - acidity factor pH and oxidation reduction potential - ORP, showing electron energy (potential) which manifests in the organism during oxidation reduction reactions. Drinking water has pH =7 and ORP = + 150...+250 mV.

Alkaline water pH 11, and the ORP = -800 mV. Alkaline water is soft, odourless, its taste reminds of rain water.

Molecular formations (clusters) of the alkaline water consist of 5-6 molecules what is similar to other organism liquids (in drinking water it is 10 to 13 molecules). The ORP negative values of this water are close to that of organism liquids and it has antioxidant properties. That is why the alkaline water is the "insider" and it immediately joins the vital activities of the organism. Alkaline water may be used for prophylaxis and for treatment of various diseases.

Negative ORP charge, smaller molecular formation compared to drinking water and as a consequence less surface tension enable efficient penetration of the alkaline water into the tissues, to dissolve even the hardly accessible acid waste accumulating in the organism and being on of the main causes of disorders. Neutralised and liquidified acid waste is easily discharged via kidney. Alkaline water also helps to maintain alkalinity of the blood.

Alkaline water rich in oxygen and negative OH- ions is a natural antioxidant at the same time.

Alkaline water activates the whole organism, stimulates cell regeneration and eliminates energetic disorders of cells. It lightly increases blood pressure, heals all kinds of scratches and wounds as well as stomach and duodenum ulcers. Alkaline water regulates the volume of calcium in blood what has influence on occurrence of such diseases like osteochodrosis, atherosclerosis and polyarthritis. It is a natural product which gives a push to the vital potential of the organism for coming over various disorders.

Acid water (pH = 2; ORP = +1000 mV) is of sourish taste and has bactericidal properties.

Being of positive ORP the acid water acquires oxidation properties. As the ORP of most organism liquids is negative, this water should in most cases be used externally by wet lotions and damping.

It acts other way round compared to the alkaline water: it slows bioprocesses of the organism, reduces blood pressure. Acid water gradually melts spurs, calculi, reduces ache of joints, is a great relief when sneezing, suffering from tonsilitis or flu. Regular rinsing of mouth stops bleeding of gums and dissolves deposits on teeth. It is your first aid when sneezing, sore throat and flu.

Ionized water is also used in beauty therapy for skin softening and anti wrinkling, in gardening, vegetable growing and cattle raising.

Water before preperation and after preparetion

Device has 3 capacities have. Two "КАТОЛИТ" and one (in a center) "АНОЛИТ".

For preparation of water in all capacity ordinary water gets into from under a faucet or any other source . In a middle capacity a water level must be on 3 see below.. Then a vehicle is covered a lid and joins in a network - a red bulb will burn up. When water will attain necessary quality, a filter is automatically disconnected and begins to play melody. Time of water treatment can last ot 20 minutes to hour, depending on the level of contamination


АНОЛИТ  = ASID WATER pH = 3 ORP = +1000mV

At mixing alkaline and asid water in a proportion 1:1 get a clean drinking-water.

Water alkalizer "PEARL" has sensor of control of quality, which disconnects him under reaching the necessary parameters of treatment of water and includes a sound signal

No materials (cartridges, filters and other) of expenses are required after weigh period of exploitation

At every preparation of water an user sees the amount of remote from water sediment and outpours him in the sewage system

Informative quality of water is improved, as old "memory", containing negative information, is fully worn away. Therefore prepare and use water with a good mood.

Kathode are made from silicone Si

Anode are made from surgical grade stainless still

Scientists have come to the conclusion that silicon water is good for people with:

  • Heart problems
  • Gastroenterological diseases
  • Hepatitis and other viruses
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Oncological diseases
  • Parodontosis
  • High cholesterol level
  • Easing of immune system
  • Urological diseases
  • Skin problems
  • Eye problems
  • Radioactive infection
  • Hair loss

Technical descriptions:

  • Resource: 10000 l
  • Productivity: 6 L/H
  • Power supply, voltage: 220 V
  • Power of consumption: 0,9 kW
  • Size: 30*25*22 cm

Important notice for the US residents.

This device requires a 220 V power supply. If you live in the USA, you will need to obtain a separate 110 V to 220 V transformer to make this device run.

TRANSFORMER can be ordered here.


  • How does water influence our health?
  • What are the advantages of activated water?

    Composition and qualities of activated water are very close to those of the body liquids than the composition and qualities of ordinary potable water. That's why it immediately joins vital activities of the organism and makes great impact on our health.

  • How does water become activated?

    Activated water, otherwise called living and liveless water, is made of ordinary water by way of electrolysis. Water electrolysis is performed in a device with 3 separate sections (electrolyser  The water is divided into two parts. Water in one section acquires a weak negative charge and becomes alkaline (pH = 10-12). Such water is called living water or catholyte. Water in the other section acquires a weak positive charge and becomes acidic (pH = 2-4). This is liveless (dead) water or anolyte.

  • What gives activity to water?

    Water activity depends on two factors. One is the charge acquired (i.e. water becomes a weak electrolyte, like body liquids) and the other is its alkaline or acidic medium.

  • How does the effect of activated water manifest itself?

    Liquids of a human body (blood, intercellular liquid, etc.) are weak electrolytes. As activated water has a similar charge, the body immediately recognises it as "one's own" and such water takes part in body activity processes. The science of medicine defines an illness as a disorder of cellular energetic system. Activated water effectively eliminates such disorders and their causes.

    Besides, different pH of the two parts of activated water influences alkaline-acidic balance of the body.

    It is also important that anolyte naturally enriches our bodies with positive hydrogen ions (protons) as shortage of protons is the cause for many illnesses.

  • What are the properties of alkaline water and why was it called "living"?

    Alkaline water (catholyte) acquires a small negative charge and becomes alkaline (OH-). Thanks to these properties such water stirs up all the body, gives it energy and briskness, stimulates cell regeneration, gently increases blood pressure, is very efficient for treatment of various scratches and wounds. That's why it's called "living water". The water contains some deposit, its quantity shows how polluted drinking water is. These are oxides of heavy metals, radionuclides.

    It was established that alkaline water regulates the amount of calcium in blood. Surplus of calcium can cause osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, polyarthritis. That's why blood acquires weak acidic medium and performs functions of antioxidant by removing excess amount of calcium from the organism. This is one of the preconditions of long life.

  • Acid water-"liveless water"- sounds rather strange, is it worse than living water?

    Acid water is also good for the body. Thanks to its positive charge, acidic medium (H+) and a small amount of chlorine this water acquires bactericidal properties. Thus acid water kills bacteria, small pests, and is used as a disinfectant. That's why it is called "liveless water". It reduces blood pressure, improves one's sleep and has a tranquillising effect. Acid water can dissolve salts, stones, and reduce pain in joints. This water is very efficient in treatment of cold, sore throat, or influenza. It is very good to rinse one's mouth and nose with acid water in the evenings, i.e. to disinfect these cavities and destroy pathogens.

  • Can acid water stop the process of growing old?

    According to the Russian scientist V. Volkov, people get old and ill because the amount of cellular liquid used for generation of positive hydrogen ions H+ (protons) increases. The older is the person, the smaller is the amount of water in his/her body. Cells loose their liquid, their functions get weaker and finally the cells die. The scientist draws the following conclusion: if the body is provided an opportunity to restore the missing level of hydrogen ions (protons), it might be possible to reduce not only sickness rate and ageing but even to stimulate renewal of the body. V. Volkov recommends using acid water (anolyte) as the concentration of hydrogen ions (protons) in it is higher. Such water is easily adopted by the organism and efficient in replenishing the body with hydrogen ions.

  • Perhaps activated water is a universal remedy?
  • Is activated water applied in other spheres?

    The harvest collected in autumn can be stored for a longer period if it is treated with acid water (sprayed or immersed).

    Sure it is. Activated water is well-evaluated by gardeners, flower-growers, and farmers. If seeds are kept in activated water before planting they sprout faster, give faster and larger yield. Chicken, goslings, calves, and piglets grow faster if they drink activated water. Universal medicine will hardly ever be invented. But activated water is very important for those who love themselves (love here is understood as ability to avoid illnesses, to enjoy life), and propagate healthy way of life. It is a natural source of life, not an artificial chemical product. Properties of activated water make it similar to body liquids, help to activate our vital powers. Activated water is very effective as a means of prophylactics. The most important is not to cure the disease but to avoid it. Water constitutes 70 % of a human body. There are 40-45 litres of various liquids in each body: 5 litres of blood, 28 litres of cellular and non-cellular liquid, etc. Life is nothing but movement of these liquids in cells and among them. If this movement slows down, a person falls ill. People often do not understand that many ailments are caused by shortage of water in their organisms. The amount of water that the body itself is able to generate out of fats and carbohydrates is only 300 grams a day. That's why it is recommended to drink 2-2,5 litres of liquids each day. Quality of the water we drink is also very important.

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