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Water Alkalizer and Ionizer Filter

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Water is no doubt the source of life. On average, our body consist of water for 70-75%. Unfortunately, we tend to pollute the environment, and water is not an exception. Industrial equipment, factories and big cities create tonnes of polluted water every day. Even in the countries with the best ecological conditions the water is not clean enough or, conversely, over cleaned and doesn't have all minerals which must be in it.

Why do we need to drink clear water

Water plays a significant role in digestive processes in our stomach. It is used to transport useful elements trough all our body, but, together with elements that we need it can deliver to cells harmful elements which it may consists. To avoid it, we need to drink clear water.

The water cleaned in filters can be used not only for drinking. We can make coffee and tea with it, cook meals, wash our faces with it and use it for preparing beauty products at home.

To stay healthy, we need not only to eat organic products but to drink a lot of water as well. Doctors say that we need to drink 30 ml per each kilo of our weight, so the more we weight the more water we need. Kalinka store offer for sale equipment that will make the water we drink as healthy and useful as possible.

Water alkalizer and ionizer devices in Kalinka store

In our store you can buy water filters that clean the water, and alkalizers and ionizers to fill it with useful elements if it is over cleaned and ?empty?. The equipment on this page is quite different and is designed for different purposes:

  • to ionize the water and add silver elements;
  • to activate the water with a help of titanium cathode;
  • to enrich the water with useful elements.

We offer not only electrical equipment but also remedies to add into the water and impove its composition.

After drinking clear water on regular basis you will see that condition of your hair, skin and nails is getting better, and the general condition of your body will improve significantly.

Kalinka store. Everything for a healthy lifestyle!