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Vitafon-T home therapy device

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Vitafon T is one of the cheapest vibroacoustic devices produced by Vitafon. This model is perfect to be the start device if you have never used such equipment before. You can also consider buying Vitafon IR model which works on both vibroacoustic waves and infrared radiation.

How does it work

Vitafon T -

Vitafon affects our bodies by compensating lack of micro vibration in our cells using vibrosoundtouch method. It can be used as both treating and preventing therapy. The great advantage of Vitafon is that treatment with a help of it is absolutely painless. You have to place electrodes on particular places of a body and turn the device on. Micro vibration that produces the device go into our bodies and start positive changes on the cellular level.

Most of us spend whole the working day sitting, but sedentary work makes a very harmful impact on our bodies. Vitafon is very effective tool to prevent diseases which can appear because of it. The device makes a vibroacoustic micro massage which improves blood and lymph circulation. As all our organs ant tissues produce micro vibration, Vitafon is extremely effective in treating a really wide range of diseases.

Basic information about Vitafon T

The device is produced since 2003 is similar to first Vitafon model except several details:

  • it has timer and indicator to help control the time of treatment;
  • the device switches off automatically after the end of work;
  • cable between power block and electrodes is 3 m long for more comfortable use.

Vitafon T weights 640 gram and offers possibility to use 2 electrodes in the same time. The size of main block is just 135*63*35 millimeters so you can comfortably store it even if you live in a small house. It has 4 working modes for different types of treatment.

The device is shipped with detailed users guide where you can find all necessary information about frequency of Viafon use for treating various diseases. This manual will answer all your questions but if you'll still have something to find out about please feel free to contact us and ask about it.