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Vitafon-IR home therapy device

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Vitafon IR is not a new modification of a Vitafon device but a totally renewed item with infrared function. It is different by amplitude and frequency and works using infrared radiation to strengthen the healing effect.

About Vitafon IR

Vitafon IR -

This device helps you to benefit from both vibroacoustic and infrared impact. Vitafon IR is safe for children and elderly and can be used at home. It is especially effective in fighting lymph and blood circulation malfunction. All Vitafon devices are designed not to reduce the symptoms of an illness but to help body fight the source of a disease and become resistant to it.

This device:

  • was registered as a medical healing device in 2001;
  • is used both in clinics and as a home treatment device;
  • has an average term of work not less than 5 years.

Because of combination of IR radiation and vibroacoustic this model doesn't have a pulsation mode, but it has 4 additional vibroacoustic grades. You can set the needed mode according to your health condition and goals.

Healing effect of infrared radiation

IR therapy is a proven effective method for pain relief and general healthcare. One of the most important advantages of this method is that it can be safely used for self-treatment. Infrared radiation can achieve directly parts of our bodies that need treatment and make a healing impact on neurons and blood capillaries. Also, human body absorbs most of IR radiation without loss so we get maximum effect from treatment.

Vitafon IR uses both infrared and vibroacoustic influence which reinforce each other to get the best results. This healing device helps to reduce inflammation, edema and pain and makes a trophic and regeneration impact.

This device is a must have for all families as a preventive tool to keep all the family healthy and illness-resistant. It's weight is less than a kilo, and size is 120*90*60 millimeters — you can place it in a desk drawer. You will also get a detailed manual in English which explains how to use the device.