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Vitafon 2

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People who prefer alternative medicine which is effective even when pills can't help know about vibroacoustic therapy — a treatment based on influence of micro vibrations on our body. Vitafon is a company that studied and developed this healing method and started to produces vibrosoundtouch medical equipment. One of them is Vitafon 2 produced since 2002.

Vitafon 2 working principle

Vitafon 2 -

Most of people treat only symptoms of diseases while the source of an illness remains untreated. Scientist who worked on Vitafon development offer an alternative and more correct approach — to get rid of source of diseases by treating our bodies on cellular level.

Vitafon produces a micro vibration waves which approach parts of the bodies we need to treat and improve blood and lymph circulation in them. Micro vibration is a natural element of human bodies, but we always lack it, especially when get ill. There can't be an overdose of micro vibration, but there is always lack of it.

What is special about this model

This model, just like Vitafon IR, has an infrared mode. Though this model is the most expensive one, you'll get a really functional all-in-one device. This device includes 13 electrodes with a mattress with 8 electrodes and infrared electrode.

Vitafon 2 was designed for clinics but it is effectively used at home as well. Thank to big number of electrodes you can work with different parts of the body in the same time, and this helps to save a lot of time every day.

To sum up, we recommend Vitafon 2 as:

  • effective and painless treatment tool;
  • a device that can be used for all family;
  • an all-inclusive model with many vibraphones for different purposes.

With this device you can benefit from all options of Vitafon T and Vitafon IR but spending less time. The average minimum of device service is not less than 5 years so you can treat diseases and prevent them during all this period and even more.

We offer free worldwide delivery, and each device has a detailed manual in English. Please contact us if you have any questions.