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Vernada auto car vehicle protection harmful radiation Wi-Fi EMF torsion field neutralizer

Vernada auto car vehicle protection harmful radiation Wi-Fi EMF torsion field neutralizer
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 Vernada - car  Vernada -avto  device for protection against harmfull rediation

One device in set 

The device «Vernada-avto» is reliable a way of protection and safety of your family in your car from negative influence of technogenic and geopathogenic radiation. The protection device «Vernada-avto» protects of the driver and passengers of the car from negative influence of automobile electronics, an engine electric equipment.

The device possesses of unique ability not only to distinguish, but also with ease to remove fatal displays of technogenic and geopathogenic zones on health and state of health of man and it possesses unique properties, namely efficiency, safety, comfort and convenience of operation, in your favorite car.

In turn the device «Vernada-avto» will provide protection and safety of people and your animals in your car at journey of places of road with powerful negative influence of technogenic radiation and will prevent their fatal influence on you and your car. 








The description: Device «Vernada-avto»


Developed by  the company «Spinor Interneshnl» the device «Vernada-avto» is connected to automobile power supplies in a socket, intended for additional charge of various gadgets. The inverting module with the help of an adapter is connected to «plus» of the storage battery of the car.

Using the device of protection:

• the weariness of the driver, accordingly reduction of emergencies on dangerous places of road essentially decreases.

• journey of places of road with negative influence on the driver is facilitated: geopathogenic zones, a technopathogenic places of roads.

Packing: 1 pc

Country of origin: LLC "A spinor International" Ukraine, Kiev

Warranty - 1 year

The shelf life of the device 7 years from date of manufacture

Does not contain harmful substances

Stored and used at a temperature of from -20 to +40 ° C.





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