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Uzormed 900 portable laser device wavelength 900 nm diseases of the musculoskeletal system sports medicine.

Uzormed  900 portable laser device wavelength 900 nm  diseases of the musculoskeletal system sports medicine.
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Uzormed®-900: sports without traumas

This apparatus for carrying out the so-called "athermal laser therapy" according to the European method provides a powerful continuous effect of the infrared range on the diseased organ. Such "light charging" helps to quickly eliminate pain in muscles, joints and tendons, and also triggers the mechanisms of repairing damaged cells. Therefore, the device is especially useful for athletes and those who suffer from joint pain - be it knees, back or cervical spine.

"Uzormed®-900" is used not only to eliminate the consequences of injuries, but also in the system of complex treatment of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, radiculitis. The method of application involves the use of a laser device both at the main stage of the disease and for post-traumatic recovery after fractures, dislocations, sprains.

The effectiveness of the effect on the joints increases with the combined effect of a laser and a magnet: the effect of a constant magnetic field is provided by a special attachment included in the kit.

The features of using the laser at various stages of the disease are indicated in the instructions, are simple and understandable, and most importantly, they are always available due to the compactness of the device.

The therapeutic factors of the Uzormed®-900 magnetic laser therapy apparatus are low-intensity continuous laser radiation with a central wavelength of 900 nm and a constant magnetic field.

The device "Uzormed-900" provides the possibility of irradiation both superficially and relatively deeply located tissues in the near infrared range of the radiation spectrum and is intended for carrying out laser therapy procedures with the aim of

- pain relief, which is especially important in sports medicine

- removal of inflammation

- improvement of metabolism and blood circulation

- cell regeneration

- increased immunity.

The use of a combination of laser exposure and medicinal gels and ointments can increase the effectiveness of both exposure factors.

The use of the device is effective in relieving acute and chronic pain of inflammatory and traumatic nature (pain in joints, muscles, spine). The main indications for medical use of the "Uzormed®-900" magnetic laser therapy apparatus are

-fresh wounds,

- frostbite,

- burns,

- healing of incisions after surgical operations (keloid scar),

- ulcers and poorly healing wounds in diabetes (trophic ulcer),

- bedsores,

- diseases of the lumbar spine (osteochondrosis, lumbago, sciatica, fibromyalgia),

- sports injuries (acute, chronic),

- rheumatoid cervical arthritis, osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis,

- humeral periarthritis,

-inflammation of the tendons,

- bursitis of the elbow joint,

- "tennis elbow",

- golfer's elbow,

- compression syndrome.

One of the main advantages of using the Uzormed-900 apparatus is the effective recovery of injured athletes in the shortest possible period of time, excluding the problems associated with doping in sports medicine, because there is no need to take a large number of pharmacological drugs.

Due to the radiation power and at the same time the possibility of autonomous operation, the Uzormed®-900 device allows you to start exposure immediately after injury, which significantly improves the results, shortens the treatment and rehabilitation period, while maintaining the therapeutic effect for a long time. Laser therapy sessions do not cause discomfort, are painless and safe, and can be carried out not only in hospitals, but also at home.

Technical characteristics of the device "Uzormed®-900"

Radiation wavelength, nm 800-900

Continuous radiation mode

 Radiation power, mW 200

Operating modes:

"Mode 1", radiation power, 50%

"Mode 2", radiation power, 100%

 Timer, min 5

 Input voltage of the mains adapter, V / Hz 100-242 / 50-60

 Maximum power consumed by the device from the network, VA, no more than 10

Set includes

Radiation unit "UzorMed®-900" - 1 piece.

Power adapter 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz - 5V, 500 mA - 1 pc.

Protective cover - 1pc.

Magnetic attachment MH - 1 pc.

Light guide nozzle PN - 1 pc.

Light-guide attachment NS-K - 1 pc.

Cover for the device - 1pc.

Passport and operation manual - 1 pc.

Methodical manual - 1pc.

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