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Laser device "UZORMed®-Maxi-ARTRO" IR laser = magneto therapy pain relief arthritis artrosis

Laser device "UZORMed®-Maxi-ARTRO" IR laser = magneto therapy pain relief arthritis artrosis
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The UzorMed®-Maxi-Arthro laser therapy device is intended primarily for the treatment of inflammatory and traumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

A distinctive feature of the UzorMed® Maxi ARTRO laser therapy apparatus is the presence of an IR laser matrix with an area of ​​20 cm2 with a constant magnetic field.

It is noticed that the combined use of infrared laser radiation with a constant magnetic field enhances the therapeutic effects of laser light, creates anesthetic, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects, increases immunity, and also improves blood circulation and nerve fiber conduction, accelerates tissue regeneration.

These effects give the possibility of greater (up to 25%) penetration of laser light deep into biological tissues and achieving a positive effect in the earlier periods of the course treatment. In this regard, in addition to the treatment of joint diseases, the UzorMed® Maxi Artro laser therapy apparatus is successfully used in laser therapy of diseases in other fields of medicine:





and nephrology,


and cosmetology,

diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc.

The area of ​​the emitter makes it possible to irradiate with equal success both large areas of the skin or projection zones of internal organs, and the implementation of non-targeted irradiation of internal organs that are relatively small in size (for example, adrenal glands).
Used in the device of laser therapy PatternMed® Maxi Artro two values ​​of the frequency of laser radiation 150 and 1500 Hz, have a different therapeutic effect on the nature of the activity of biological tissues of living organisms.

Technical characteristics of the laser therapy device UZORMed®-Maxi-Arthro

Radiation wavelength, μm 0.80 ÷ 0.95

Radiation mode pulsed infrared radiation

Total pulsed radiation power, W 30 ± 5

Pulse repetition rate, Hz

Mode "1" - 1500

Mode "2" - 150

Magnetic induction, mT, not less than 30

Irradiated surface area, cm2, not less than 20

Power supply of the device from a household network:

mains voltage, V  220 ± 10%

frequency Hz   50 ± 1%

 Power consumption, W, no more than 10

Set includes

Radiation unit "UzorMed®-900" - 1 piece.

Power adapter 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz - 5V, 500 mA - 1 pc.

Protective cover - 1pc.

Magnetic attachment MH - 1 pc.

Light guide nozzle PN - 1 pc.

Light-guide attachment NS-K - 1 pc.

Cover for the device - 1pc.

Passport and operation manual - 1 pc.

Methodical manual - 1pc.

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