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Turboslim day capsules for weight lost men woman fat burner natural product

Turboslim day   capsules  for weight lost men woman   fat burner natural product
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Turboslim 30 capsules

Day enhanced formula

Activates metabolic processes during the day.

Stimulates the burning of fats, transforming them into energy.

Helps reduce appetite throughout the day.

Ingredients: L-Carnitine Tartrate, Guarana Extract, Cherry Fruit Stalks Extract, Inulin, Chromium Picolinate.

Composition and effectiveness


All Turboslim products contain exclusively natural ingredients.

More than 90% in the composition include components of plant and animal origin, the remaining 10% are auxiliary chemicals and synthetics (thickeners, fragrances, preservatives, flavors, etc.).

Some drugs are aimed at burning fat, while others are aimed at removing excess fluid from the body. One way or another, but often a person gets a positive result. Many reviews indicate that it is quite possible to lose a few extra pounds with the help of these drugs. Line of drugs: Active weight loss.The drugs from the line are no less functional. With their help, you can speed up the metabolism, redirect all the forces of the body to intensive burning of fats. Such drugs not only break down fats and carbohydrates, but also help the body convert them into useful energy. The body gives all its strength, due to which the process of losing weight starts.


Turboslim indications for use

for persons controlling body weight

lose weight and swelling

allows you to lose weight not only during the day but also at night

for weight control

the most fast weight loss - in 3 days

lose weight without changing your usual diet.

To speed up the metabolism

for women 45+ controlling body weight

helps relieve swelling and reduce the second chin

for men


Turboslim contraindications

With individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Turboslim day enhanced formula

Registration number


No. KZ.Е.000650.05.14 dated 19.05.2014


Release form

 30 capsules of 0.3 g


L-carnitine tartrate, guarana extract, capsule components (food additives): gelatin; iron oxide, titanium dioxide (dyes); cherry stalk extract, inulin, chromium picolinate, calcium stearate and amorphous silicon dioxide (anti-caking agents).

 Content in 2 capsules (daily intake) and% of the recommended daily intake (adequate level)

L-carnitine, not less than 1 150 mg 50%

Guarana extract  of which caffeine, not less than 1 198 mg

18 mg


Cherry stalk extract 96 mg -

Inulin 44.8 mg -

Chromium, not less than 1 140 μg 280% 2

Recommended as a biologically active food supplement - a source of caffeine, L-carnitine, chromium, for people who control body weight. Promotes active weight loss during the day, fat burning, decreased appetite during the day.


Recommendations for use


Adults - 2 capsules in the morning with meals. Duration of admission is at least 1 month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.




Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding.


Shelf life

3 years



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