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Gift for her- set #1 of Siberian products for health and beauty

Gift for her-  set #1  of Siberian products for health and beauty
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Set of 9 healing  products - Made in Siberia from natural raw materials.

Each product is included in the set in quantity - 1 piece.

1.100% Natural Cedar Essential Oil 10 ml


Main components: zedren, zedrol, pinenes, zedranol.

 Each drop of Cedar essential oil from the Iris Aromatherapy Center contains a huge concentration of vitality and beneficial properties, because it takes from three to 50 kilograms of plant material to create 1 milliliter of 100% natural essential oil.

Fragrance description: tarry, fresh, bitter smoky.


Natural action: adaptogenic, antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and expectorant. It is used to treat inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, normalizes hormonal metabolism. Actively contributes to the resolution of osmotic edema, the removal of fluid and toxins from the body. Improves blood circulation (with chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins).


Psycho-emotional action: it is an adaptogen, increases mental and physical activity, restores sensuality.


Dermatological and cosmetic effect: it is used to treat eczema, dermatitis, impetigo, burns, acne, eliminates irritations, heals wounds, prevents dandruff and hair loss. It is indicated for rosacea (especially in combination with rosewood essential oil). Increases skin turgor, smoothes wrinkles on the skin around the eyes.

2. Extra virgin Cedar buts oil - 50 ml

Cedar oil from the Specialist company is a real natural pantry of substances necessary for a person. Cedar oil is rich in vitamin E, which is 5 times more contained in it than in olive oil. This "youth vitamin" has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, normalizes hormonal levels, prevents blood clots, significantly slows down the aging process of cells, and protects the body from free radicals.


Cedar oil contains gamma linolenic acid, which is rarely found in nature. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the formation of blood clots, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, controls the appearance of fat cells, accelerates the breakdown of fats, and helps to lose weight.


Also in its composition contains traces:


vitamins (E, A, group B, PP, D), participating in all the basic functions of the body;

trace elements necessary to ensure normal functioning;

phospholipids involved in the transport of fats, fatty acids and cholesterol.

Of particular value are the complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3 (vitamin F), which are not synthesized in the body, and therefore must be supplied with food. They positively affect the structure of the walls of blood vessels and are actively involved in the synthesis of various hormones, preserving youth, health and beauty.


Thanks to its balanced composition, the regular use of cedar oil from the Specialist company will strengthen immunity, maintain health and protect against negative environmental influences.


Use cedar oil in cooking. Cedar oil has always been considered a delicacy. It gives a piquant taste and delicate nutty aroma to vegetable salads, cold and hot appetizers.

Use cedar oil in cosmetology. Cedar oil perfectly nourishes, slows down aging, improves complexion, restoring youth and beauty. Add a few drops of cedar oil to your cosmetics, and if you want to have healthy hair, apply cedar oil on your head with massage movements, and rinse with water after 15 minutes.

3. Extra virgin Sea Bucthorn oil 100 ml 

Sea buckthorn oil is a powerful multivitamin preparation, unique in its healing properties, and is widely used for the prevention and treatment of a number of ailments.


It contains folic and ascorbic acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, tocopherols, phytostyroles, phospholipids, coumarins, and trace elements, including iron, manganese, boron, aluminum, silicon, titanium and magnesium, in total 8 vitamins, 24 minerals and 18 amino acids.


With prolonged use of sea buckthorn oil, a gradual decrease in blood cholesterol is observed, the risk of blood clots decreases, and as a result, the atherosclerotic process slows down. The elasticity of blood vessels increases, which helps to reduce the risk of rupture in the event of an increase in blood pressure, and hence possible hemorrhage. One of the best methods for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks is the systematic use of sea buckthorn, which helps to improve the functioning of all muscles, including the heart. For the prevention of occupational diseases of the upper respiratory tract working in hazardous industries, in cases of vitamin deficiency, with increased physical exertion.


4. Natural Gum. from Siberian cedar resin - 5 pieces

Ingridients: 100% Pure Sibiren Cedar Resin Indications for use: Oral care Сontraindications: Acute periodontitis Packing: 5 tablets by 0.8 gramm in Pack

· Natural Gum. Prevents dental caries, stomatitis and periodontitis.

· Strengthens the teeth and gums.

· Cleans the oral cavity. Freshens breath.

· Sugar Free Gum, Aspartame Free Gum.

5.Classic cedar coffee on natural milk cream without sugar 90g

It is made from whole pine nuts and natural milk powder. Sugar free. Differs in the high content of pine nut protein.


Proteins - 17.24; fats - 16.37; carbohydrates - 26.3. Energy value per 100 g of product: 301 kcal / 1257 kJ.


Cedar coffee combines the taste of natural pine nuts, delicate cream and balanced sweetness. The taste of "Cedar coffee" will be an excellent alternative to foreign cocoa, "nesquik", and 3v1 coffee. For the production of "Cedar coffee" we use only natural ingredients. When brewing, the drink gives a natural (edible) precipitate, therefore, we recommend using a French press or a coffee maker, as for ground coffee.

6.Chaga tea antioxidant (no additives) 100g

Chaga - a popular folk remedy of the Russian population, tea from chaga invigorates, improves overall health, improves performance. In folk medicine, chaga have long been used for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal tract and various oncological diseases. Chaga is also a unique source of antioxidants and it contains a whole range of useful elements, some of which are united by the term “chromogenic complex”. The taste of Chaga Tea is neutral, taiga and somewhat resembles traditional black tea. The line of our chaga teas also contains various herbs: sagan daila, currants, thyme, mint, which add even more value to this drink and make it more useful

7  Natural altay mumio - 3 gram


Natural Altai Mumiyo, which is cleaned by cold cleaning and all trace elements in it are 100% preserved. It is mined in the mountains of the Katun Range in the south of the Altai Republic and it copes with the treatment of many diseases.


For your convenience, the mumiyo is packaged in separate packages of 3 grams and it will be easy to use when preparing the solution for internal use

Mumiyo is a complex of natural beneficial organic and inorganic substances, macro- and microelements, vitamins, essential oils, bee venom and other components. In total, the chemical composition of Altai natural mummy in the form of resin has more than 80 elements.

Mumiyo in its natural form is a powerful immunomodulator, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and also helps to destroy viruses and infections in the body.

8 .Taiga Elixir 0.5l

The reliable elixir is made from young Siberian fir needles, which grows in ecologically clean areas of the Tomsk Region. The product contains a complex of biologically active substances, including vitamins, vital trace elements, volatile and flavonoids. It is easily absorbed by the body, awakening the internal reserves of cells to rapid self-healing. Method of application: “Taiga elixir” is taken orally 2-3 times a day, 50 ml, 30 minutes before meals.


Cedar jam with nuts 220ml

Cedar jam with nuts 220ml

Ingredients: natural extract of cedar needles, pine nut kernel, sugar, water

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