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Shungite plates electrode #1 for Scenar and Cosmodic

Shungite plates electrode #1 for Scenar  and Cosmodic
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Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

We provide our customers instructions in English and free warranty for 12 months.

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Shungite plates 0.8 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm for Scenar or Cosmodic 

Plates are protected with an insulating film on the top and on the sides.
The Schungite-plates can be used in static and dynamic modes.
Schungite-plates provide deep penetration and comfortable scenar-signal.
Universal therapeutic electrodes.



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