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Shark katran spiny dogfish liver fat/oil 250 ml Russian 100% natural

Shark  katran spiny dogfish liver fat/oil 250 ml  Russian 100% natural
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Shark ( katran ) liver fat /oil 250 ml. Made in Russia



The value of fat from the liver katrana proven by many years of its use in


therapeutic and preventive practice.


Indications for use:


as a source of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and essential fatty acids;

for the prevention and comprehensive treatment of cancer;

as an antioxidant in the conditions of constant exposure to radioactive contamination of the environment, to reduce the harmful consequences of radiation and chemotherapy;

for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

for the prevention of rickets and ensure the normal growth of children;

in violation of the functions;

It reduces the risk of chronic renal failure.

to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the body and improving the elasticity of blood vessels;

to improve the process of hematopoiesis;

for the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer 

for the prophylaxis and treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Mode of application:


children from 1 year to 3 years 7-8 drops;

Children from 3 to 7 years 10-12 drops;

adults and children from 7 years: 1 teaspoon during the meal (breakfast, lunch).

The course of 1-4 months to carry out 2-3 times a year, especially in winter and spring seasons.

Contraindications: individual intolerance, diarrhea, acute pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, especially, the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.


Storage: 12 months at a storage temperature of not more than 2 degrees. FROM.


Store in a glass or ceramic container, protected from sunlight. Perhaps short-term storage of up to 10 days at a temperature of not more than 15 degrees.


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