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Separator electric centrifugal 80l/h

Separator electric centrifugal 80l/h
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Look this video for more information. You will receive jast the same device.

Electric Cream Separator holding 12 litters of milk which makes it ideal for domestic or small farm use in cream preparation and milk processing. The Separator can process more than 80 litters of milk per hour.

The milk tank is made out of aluminium, the main body - out of strong plastic and all the other parts are made of stainless steel. This is a well-balanced, high-capacity and solid machine. You will use it for years. If there are any parts that you may need, you can always contact me and make your order.

The Separator, I present here compares favourably with the analogous devices on the market due to its price and technical specifications.


Cream separator is intended for processing the whole milk for separation of cream from skimmed milk with simultaneous removal of contaminants.


  • Max. milk output, l/h — 80
  • Drum rotational speed, min-1 — 10500
  • Number of disks in drum, pcs — 10 to 12
  • Milk bowl capacity, l — 12
  • Max. butter-fat content in skimmed milk, % — 0.05
  • Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range — 1:4 to 1:10
  • Max. power consumption, kW/h — 0,120
  • Overall dimensions, mm: bowl diameter — 365; height — 520
  • Weight, kg — 6

The casing is made of shock-proof polyamide that brings about a number of advantages:

  • No corrosion (no rust)
  • No color changes in the course of time and no need for touch-painting
  • Attenuation of high-frequency vibration which is better for health
  • No deformation in case of occasional mishandling
  • Cleaning of milk products and contaminants with wet cloth is easier
  • Excellent di-electrical properties make the user a great deal safer
  • Higher strength

European standard electric plug

Voltage requirements

  • Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK an adapter will be needed.

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC (you can choose an adaptor for example HERE).

Using an adaptor will not affect the device functionality.

I will sent you english operating manual.

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