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Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

We provide our customers instructions in English and free warranty for 12 months.

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 Healing OLM  oversleeves Scenar therapy - pair

 RITM-ULM medical clothing items complement each other and can be used in combination. When combined, it is recommended to use those sets of medical clothing that provide an integral area of ​​exposure. All items of medical clothing have passed the recommendation system of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Store in a dry, ventilated place.
The sleeves are intended for local treatment in the forearm, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. They are used in the complex therapy of arthrosis, arthritis, inflammation of soft tissues, skin diseases, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other uncomfortable conditions. Suitable for rehabilitation therapy of postoperative conditions and injuries, in the complex treatment of burns and frostbite. Also, with similar indications in the area of ​​the hands and wrist joints, medical gloves can be used.

The Oversleeves are designed for local therapeutic use on the forearms, elbow and wrist joint. Simple to apply and use/

The Oversleeves are a therapeutic product that has shielding layers designed to prevent the body's electromagnetic emissions and Infrared radiation from dissipating outwards.

The Oversleeves can be combined with other therapies for a treatment or used a as stand alone independent treatment.



Therapeutic indications

  • Pains, stiffness, “cracking” and other discomfort sensations of various origins in the knee-joint region
  • Arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, synovitis, hemarthros etc
  • Injuries, bruises, hematomas, wounds, subluxations, ligamentous injuries, fractures, complex treatment of burns, frostbites, postoperative conditions in the knee-joint region
  • Skin and soft tissues diseases in the knee-joint region


If there are several sites that need to be treated, you can combine Clothes in different ways or alternate them with the OLM-01 Healing Compound Blanket.

If you combine the Clothes, we recommend using those that provide integral influence zone (Clothes overlapping). For instance, bootlegs  - boots, oversleeves – mittens, cap – pelerine etc.


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