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Single Ophtalmologic Electrode (‘Monocle’)

Single Ophtalmologic Electrode (‘Monocle’)
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Single Ophtalmologic Electrode (‘Monocle’)

Opthalmologic electrode for therapeutic use in the area around the eyes




Ophthalmologic electrode is used along with the any model of SCENAR device

Glasses electrode is used to treat the ophthalmologic diseases. The electrode should be applied on the area which has to be stimulated and fixed by the fasteners. The treatment can last many hours and the threshold of sensation should be selected individually.

This electrode can be successfully mounted on any other part of the body (forehead, neck, chest).

The treatment can occur during your sleep.

Ophthalmologic electrode is designed for therapy and prophylaxis of acute and chronic eye diseases such as:

  • Eye traidness.
  • Spasm of accommodation.
  • Myopia (nearsightedness or shortsightedness).
  • Hypermetropia (hyperopia, farsightedness, longsightedness).
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • Spastic strabismus (crossed eyes).
  • Astigmatism.

Frequensy -variable

Time - 3 min

Modulation - Fm

Stimulation tethnique - Stabile-labile( gentle massage)

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