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Russian beauty secret products

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Russia is famous for beautiful people, and scientists and cosmetologists try to find the source of this very special beauty. We believe that beautiful person is first of all healthy person so we offer only those products which are made based on natural ingredients — taking care of skin and reducing fat level must be safe and useful for a health.

Natural ingredients for perfect skin

Natural ingredients for perfect skin

Both women and men of all ages try various tools to make their skin look perfect — in teenage years fighting with acne and trying to get rid of wrinkles when getting older. We offer products for all of them:

  • based on algae Badiaga gel to help with acne, pigmentation and bruises;
  • organic mask with sapropelic mud;
  • laminaria algae for anti cellulite wraps;
  • Natura Siberica black soap for skin detox.

Our goods can be purchased by SPA salons as well as we offer big packages — for example, laminaria package weight is 1 kilo. We deliver all over the world for free and offer best prices so it's a good bargain for beauty salons.

The most impressing effect you can get by combining several tools. Massage is known as not only the relaxation method, but a good help to fight cellulite as well. Add some massage oils and you'll also get a smooth and silky skin.

Effective weight loss and detox products

Detox is becoming popular all over the world as an effective alternative to “common” slimming diet. People tend to choose detox menu and do detox workouts to get rid of all not useful substances collected in our bodies. The main goal of such nutrition is not a weigh loss (thought you often lose some weight during the program) but cleaning of all body.

Bentonite clay is known for its cleaning features — it helps the body to get rid of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and is a perfect addition to your detox menu. Detoxification program usually starts cleansing processes so our bodies start to remove harmful substances by their ones. To get the maximum detox effect, we recommend to add some organic oils to your ration.

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