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Ritm Scenar 02 with comb electrode for cats, dogs ,horses , animals Zoo set #1

Ritm Scenar 02 with comb electrode for cats, dogs ,horses , animals Zoo  set #1
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Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

We provide our customers instructions in English and free warranty for 12 months.

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Scenar Therapy is a completely non-invasive bio-feedback technology, aimed at stimulating the body's self-recovery system to help YOUR animal reach its optimum health.

 Scenar Therapy can assist with obtaining this goal, weather your animals is a athlete looking for that 'edge', has sustained a recent or ongoing injury, suffering from a illness or just wanting that overall perfection in health.

Therapy can assist with the following: lameness, soreness, backs, illness, flexibility, performance,  fertility, movement, PAIN, imbalances, muscle tightness, RECOVERY, immune, balance in gait, stability, excess water intake, nerves, colic, tick paralysis recovery, skeletal correction, extension of gait to name a few.







  • frequency - 60, 90 Hz;
  • amplitude modulation - 3:1, combined with 60 Hz;
  • dosed mode - combined with 60 Hz, 3:1.

Can be used at home and in any other conditions (on a business trip or a journey, in a car, in a plane, etc.) to alleviate the pain, to treat respiratory diseases, relieve from roblems at traumas, burns, frostbites.




CHENS-SCENAR is a particular version of the device that can be used at home and in any other conditions (on a business trip or a journey, in a car, in a plane, etc.) to alleviate the pain, to treat respiratory diseases, relieve from problems at traumas, burns, frostbites.


Medical personnel can use this device to treat any diseases. Ease of operation, reliability in service and high effectiveness of CHENS-SCENAR devices make them indispensable in first aid rendering.

You may use CHENS-SCENAR:

  • to treat home traumas (wounds, abrasion, scratches, soft tissue bruises, muscle strains, sprains, I and II degree burns and frostbites);
  • to alleviate or eliminate aches and pains of well-known origin (headache, toothache, radiculitis pain, menstrual pain, as well as pains in oncological patients - to improve life quality);
  • to treat crush syndrome, intoxication, wounds when different accidents occur (until qualified medical care is provided);
  • for normalization of sleep;
  • for blood pressure normalization;
  • to treat acute respiratory diseases and viral respiratory infections;
  • for decongestion (edema removal);
  • to help out of a shock, faint, heart attack (until qualified medical care is provided);
  • for cosmetic treatment (face-lifting, wrinkle removal, skin aging prophylaxis).

Under doctor's guidance you can use CHENS-SCENAR devices to treat:

  • nervous system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • respiratory system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • digestive apparatus;
  • urogenital system;
  • tooth diseases

as well as:

  • for prophylaxis of adverse reaction to drugs;
  • for prophylaxis of postvaccinal complications in children and adults;
  • to associate chemo- and radiotherapy in cancer patients.


In various cases (i.e. for various diseases) different frequency values can be optimal. The frequencies ranging from 60 to 90 Hz are the most optimal. That is why basic model has one "universal" frequency - 90 Hz, and the frequency modulation mode - from 30 to 120 Hz, i.e. "oscillating" frequency. And this is enough for lay users to achieve the desired effect.

Version 01 can also operate at frequencies of 14, 60, 320 Hz, what expands its field of application.

Light version 02 has no the "oscillating frequency", but it has another operating frequency - 60 Hz - that is actuated simultaneously with dosing mode.

The main therapeutic effect of all the devices is practically the same. The devices differ only by their extra options. Great potentials can give a faster effect but to achieve it you should learn to use them properly.

Add-on probes can be connected both to the CHENS-SCENAR devices and to professional SCENAR-devices.


                              Scenar methodology in veterinary medicine








Many owners of Caucasus sheep-dogs in Russia and other countries are already familiar with the new medical device of versatile application called Scenar. Several years ago scenar-therapy was used only in some private medical centers. Having shown very good medical effects on the human body, they started to use this device on pets. The effect has surpassed any expectations; Scenar was used as supplemental therapy for the dogs. The result showed 60% of a full recovery or significant improvement in the medical condition of treated animals. The recovery process was 3 times faster. For example: to treat eczema by the standard veterinary method would take about 3 weeks, but with Scenar the problem was eliminate in 5-7 days. The most important thing was that there were no relapses of the disease in the future. Utilization of Scenar on the dogs was possible even for oncology, animals that have an allergy, are pregnant and breast-feed newborn puppies.



The majority of pet owners, who used scenar-therapy for their dogs, noticed the following effects: recovery process was faster; there was a reduction of painful sensations, a boost of immune system, as well as an anti-inflammatory effect.
Professional dog breeders successfully apply Scenar to correct the appearance of the animals. You can adjust the size of the dog, a sagged back, and other defects. If used regularly it is possible to improve the structure of the fur of a dog.



To explain to us the special effects of this new device we asked one of the authors of scenar methodology in veterinary medicine, Vladimir Tjutjunnikov.

Corr. – Is there any significant difference in scenar design for human medicine and veterinary medicine?

Doc. – There is no constructive distinctions present. Both medical scenar for the human body and veterinary scenar influence on both human and animal skin as well as mucous membranes by special electric pulses. The

result of this influence is restoration of a lost function.

Corr.– What is the specific difference between veterinarian scenar and medical?


Doc. – Human skin is very smooth that’s why the surface of an electrode medical scenar is smooth as well. In animals it is necessary to find a zone free from a fur. In this instance we use nasal, anal areas or the inner ear. If there is a problem zone situated on a fur area, then it is necessary to moisten this spot (but it will distort the signal). Veterinary scenar has a special edge electrode which provides optimum contact to a dog’s skin.
  Scenar is designed to recognize various concepts of "norm" (speed of oxidation-reduction reactions, temperature, etc.) in human bodies and dogs, as well as to determine specific treatment for the dogs that is based on dog’s breed and age. Before this device was invented, pet owners could provide only the general medical treatment.
  Scientists also considered dogs’ behavior and body size that is what makes it very distinguished from the medical scenar.
  The human body of an adult patient is approximately identical, and it is sufficient to apply one size of an electrode. To treat a huge shaggy dog or a small breed of a dog it will require a different size of electrode.

Corr. – Today many distributors offer devices similar to scenar, and even according to the sellers, much better. Would you recommend using them to treatment the dogs?


Doc – You are right, many devices similar to scenar are in the market. They are different from our scenar in the external design, market volume and the price. In other words, from my point of view, those who compare it are simply not correct. These are absolutely different devices. What they have in common is the ability to generate an electric pulse. But just the presence of pulse is not enough. There are three types of nerve cells in a dog’s body and human’s that differ in thickness and physiological function. Our device communicates as electric pulse through the skin or mucous membranes during treatment. But the standard electric pulse reaches only cells of the first level, second and third levels are not accessible. If we try to increase the capacity of a signal to communicate with cells of the second level, the first will be damaged. The uniqueness of scenar is in its ability to copy parameters of a pulse in the nervous system and simultaneously reach all types of nervous cells without damaging them. This part of the invention is patented and is not copied in Russia or abroad. The second part of the invention – a feedback, is already present in many devices.
  Adjustment of each device is made individually and manually, and that’s why we produce scenars in a small quantity and it costs more than similar devices in the market.
  In conclusion I have to say scenar is fully licensed and complies with the regulations of the Russian Federation. All other devices have not received permission to be used in medicine; they could not prove that those devices could be effectively utilized in medical treatment.
  You can still use analogues of scenar for medical treatment, but as I mention before those devices are different from our scenar.

Corr. – Last question. Why personally you, the doctor, have decided to use scenar in veterinary medicine?

Doc.– I am a doctor and treat people, but I also love dogs. Our Caucasus sheep-dogs were our first veterinary patients. We used them in science research. They helped us to develop this unique device. I would like to express our gratitude to Caucasus dogs. This breed is a hero. They are very patient, understanding, and good friends.






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