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Rikta Sharm laser Beauty Cosmetology device LLL IR Red Blue Light TENS magnetic fields skin hair nails treatment

Rikta Sharm laser Beauty  Cosmetology device  LLL IR  Red Blue Light TENS magnetic fields  skin hair nails treatment
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                                English user manual and protocols.

This is the laser cosmetology complex RIKTASHARM that is the result of a long-term serious work of the American, Russian and Israeli scientists and practicing doctors.


The RIKTASHARM is the only cosmetology device in the world that combines 6 therapeutic mechanisms enhancing its efficacy:

• Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT, 905 nm)

• Infrared LED light Therapy (875 nm)

 • LED Red Light Therapy (640 nm)

• LED Blue Light Therapy (470 nm)

 • Static Magnetic Field Therapy (35 mT)

• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

  The parameters of each of these therapies are carefully selected to achieve the maximum cosmetic effect. The laser cosmetology complex RIKTASHARM is designed for skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté zone, hands; 

treatment of such cosmetic problems as acne (comedogenicity),

 herpes, keloid  scars, cellulite;

improvement of the shape of the breast;

revitalizing of hair and nails;

skin restoration after chemical peelings, laser face resurfacing and dermabrasions.



Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT, 905 nm) During exposure to the low-intensity laser radiation of the RIKTASHARM device of the surface human biotissue (skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue, fatty  pads and muscles), the following positive changes can be observed:

• elimination of inflammatory processes;

• removal of puffiness; • improvement of the local and general immunity, leading to antibacterial- effect;

• slowing of aging of the cells and extracellular connective tissue;

• improvement of elasticity and reduction of density of the epidermis and dermis;

• increase in thickness of the epidermal layer and dermo-epidermal compound due to the intensification of cell division;

Infrared LED light Therapy (875 nm)

The infrared radiation relaxes the mimic muscles of the face, improves the blood circulation, expand the pores through which the toxins and metabolic products are actively removed. Infrared radiation accelerates the resolution of hematomas, infiltrates, and strengthens blood circulation.

 LED Red Light Therapy (640 nm)

 Red light, absorbed in the epidermis, activates the functioning of its cells, stimulates the cellular metabolism, forces the skin to produce more collagen and tissue elements filling the space between the fibers; strengthens blood circulation, increases elasticity of the skin, and improves skin color, eliminates pigment spots. Therefore, the anti-aging, anti-oxidative, depigmenting and restoring effects are provided.

LED Blue Light Therapy (470 nm)

 The blue radiation is completely absorbed by the epidermis and dermis. Blue light is used to treat the oily, problematic skin, skin with comedogenicity (acne), it contributes to elimination of inflammatory processes due to its bactericidal effect. Under the influence of blue light, sebaceous excretions are normalized: the fat content of the skin is decreased, the skin is smoothed, infiltrates are resolved.

Rejuvenating, curing and revitalizing  procedures with Rikasharm


Laser hyaluronoplasty of the skin of face,

neck and décolleté area

Laser hyaluronoplasty of the hand skin

The general health program. Laser preparation

for the cosmetic surgeries

Recovery from the cosmetic surgeries,

chemical peelings, laser resurfacing, dermabrasions

Hair revitalizing

Beautiful and healthy nails  


Here are a few fragments from the user manual with detailed recommendations on the use of the device


We will consider what changes of the face occur at different ages.

It should be noted that we are talking about biological, not calendar age.


Age: up to 25 years old

The skin has an optimal ability to regenerate; it has inherent smoothness,

velvetiness, resilience and elasticity.

Nevertheless, the main problem during this period can become comedogenicity (acne). According to statistics, about 40% of people over 20 years old suffer from periodic skin inflammations, such as acne and comedogenicity. In the case of improper care, acne can bring certain psychological discomfort and result in rough scars on the skin that can be difficult to correct.



Cleansing and moisturizing the skin with the cosmetic means for youngskin — daily.

• The program “Laser hyaluronoplasty for acne” (page 63) — if necessary, 3–6 courses per year

• The general health program (page 42) — 2 courses per year (in spring and autumn)


More information in user manual …

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