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Home kit- MAGNETO-INFRARED LASER THERAPEUTIC DEVICE Rikta 04/4 -22 COLD/SOFT LLLT- two emitters T1+ KON 1 nozzles EMS shipping

 Home kit- MAGNETO-INFRARED LASER THERAPEUTIC DEVICE Rikta 04/4 -22 COLD/SOFT LLLT- two emitters T1+ KON 1 nozzles EMS shipping
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    Home kit - Rikta  04/4+ 2 Emitters T1+ set of nozzles KON 1  

 User  manual and treatment protocols in English, German and French are included in the kit.

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 "Home" - this is the most popular kit for the treatment and prevention of various kinds of diseases at home for the whole family, without age restrictions.

Features of the RIKTA 04/4 device in the basic configuration (with one emitter) are expanded due to the additional emitter T1-04 and a set of optical attachments КОН-1(4).

The additional emitter T1-04 allows it to halve the time of medical therapeutic procedures, or simultaneously carry out, for example, a session of Laser (quantum) hemotherapy - purification of blood - to two members of the family at once.

Optical attachments (optical fibres) are designed to expand the functionality of the quantum (laser) therapy Rikta 04/4 apparatus by delivering the emitted power of the light flux directly to the treatment zones (the patient's abdominal cavity organs).

Note! For the treatment of children under 14 years, the power of laser and infrared radiation needs to be reduced, please carefully read the methodological recommendations that are attached to each device.

Set on nozzles KON1  included in this set



  • Optical nozzle # 1 - used for procedures in gynaecology and proctology;

  • Optical nozzle # 2 - used for procedures in otorhinolaryngology and dentistry;

  • Optical nozzle # 3 - is used for laser puncture;

  • Optical nozzle # 4 - used for procedures in cosmetology and arthrology.


  • Pulsed infrared laser radiation

  • Pulsating broadband infrared radiation

  • Pulsating red light

  • Constant magnetic field.


  • The polyfactant quantum therapy RIKTA 04/4 apparatus with the emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.

  • Additional emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.

  • Set of optical nozzles (fibres) KON-1 (4) - 1 pc.

  • Methodical manual for the use of the device - 1 pc.

  • Instructions and warranty card - 1 pc.

  • Packing box - 1 pc.

Age restrictions of patients: No.

Construction: Desktop.



  • Laser Therapy: Yes

  • Infrared therapy: Yes

  • Magnetotherapy: Yes

  • Light therapy: Yes.



Country of origin: Russia.


Wavelength, nm

  • Laser infrared radiation: 905

  • Broadband infrared radiation: 875

  • Red visible radiation: 640.

Frequency of repetition of pulses, Hz laser broadband infrared radiation

  • Constant: 5, 50, 1000

  • Variable: 1 - 250

Duration of treatment, min: 1; 2; 5; 10


  • Overall dimensions, mm: 245х220х95 

  • Net weight, kg: 1,5

  • Electrical safety according to GOST R50267.0-92: Protection class II

  • Laser safety in accordance with GOST R50723-94: Class 1.

Power supply: From AC mains 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, W: 20.


  • Pulse power of laser radiation, W: 10

  • Average power of infrared diode radiation, mW: 60

  • Average output power of red LEDs, mW: 7

  • The area of the radiator outlet, sq. cm: 4

  • Magnetic induction, mT: 35.

Suitable emitters ( by the customer order)


Devices of RIKTA-series are considered to be the best devices of quantum therapy.
Effectiveness, quality, reliability and permanent improvement – that’s the formula of a long-term success of our technology.










Types of therapeutic effects of RIKTA-series devices:

  • -          35 mT  - static magnetic field
  • -          470 nm - blue light
  • -          640 nm - red light
  • -          875 nm - pulsed IR radiation
  • -          905 nm - pulsed IR laser radiation


Based on long-term years of researches the most effective forms of therapeutic action were selected  for using in RIKTA devices.


Super pulsed infrared laser radiation


     Super pulsed infrared laser radiation  (Wavelength – 890 nm)

     Biological tissues are optically transparent in this wavelength range.
     Super pulsed IR laser radiation deeply penetrates into tissues and exerts a powerful stimulating effect on blood circulation, cell membrane metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immuno-competent systems, regulates the hormonal system.

Clinical / biological effects:

  •      - activation of protein synthesis (DNA, RNA)
  •      - increase of enzymatic activation
  •      - increase of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis/production
  •      - improvement of the blood circulation
  •      - anti-inflammation action
  •      - anti-edematous action
  •      - analgetic effect etc.


    Laser radiation emitted by RIKTA–series devices does not break the natural molecular bonds and is absolutely safe.

    Pulsed incoherent infrared radiation


         Pulsed incoherent infrared radiation (Wavelength – 875 nm)

         The penetration into the tissues of this radiation is fewer than the laser light penetration and it possesses greater spectral width, so it operates at various reflex zones, providing a powerful harmonizing effect on the tonus of the central nervous system.


          Clinical effects:

    •       - warming the surface layers of tissues
    •       - activation of microcirculation

    Pulsating red light


          Pulsating red light (Wavelength – 640 nm)

          Red light penetrates tissues at lesser depths than infrared radiation. Nevertheless, it has a beneficial effect by reducing the intensity of inflammatory processes, especially in the areas of loose connective tissue, par example, in the areas of joints; it increases the activity of psycho-emotional sphere.


    Pulsing blue light


         Pulsing blue light (Wavelength – 470 nm)

         Blue light has an inhibiting effect on body functions, reduces the blood pressure, calms down the heart rate, regulates the rhythm of breathing, lessens the muscle tension.

         Blue light is a strong antiseptic and has anti-carcinogenic effect. Blue light is used in treatment of inflammatory processes, spasms and pains of all kinds.


    Static magnetic field


         Static magnetic field (Magnetic field strength – 35 mT)

         Under a static magnetic field micro-vascular (capillary) beds of blood vessels are extended. Vaso-dilating effect is persisted after a single exposure for 1-6 days, after a treatment course – for 30-45 days.


         Clinical effects when treating an inflammatory hotbed: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.
         Static magnetic field presence in the emitters determines the increased penetration of laser radiation. It allows reducing the dosage of radiation as compared with laser monotherapy, to achieve the same therapeutic effect.


    Transcutaneous electroneurostimulation


         Transcutaneous electroneurostimulation

         It provides therapeutic action on nerve conduction system; it stimulates the neuromuscular system and has analgesic effect.



    RIKTA devices belong to the 1-st class of laser safety according to ISO 60825-1, which is the class of complete safety in usage.

    RIKTA devices have a choice of laser pulse repetition frequencies. Frequency selection defines the amount of energy delivered into biological tissues.



    Frequencies used in RIKTA-series devices:


    •       5 Hz


    •       50 Hz  – energy dissipation at the surface layers is minimum, and it provides maximum penetration into tissues while conserving the characteristics;
    •       1000 Hz – energy exerts a superficial effect on the skin, on shallow organs, sensitive receptors and signaling systems of the organism;
    •       VAR - variable frequency  (“swings” in the range from 250 Hz to 1 Hz) holds an intermediate position between 5 Hz and 1000 H, provides rather deep penetration into the tissues, non-addictive.

    Frequencies used in RIKTA-series devices






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