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EPA/EMF protection

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Modern life is impossible without electronic devices. We all use household appliances, computers, phones, and Internet and can hardly imagine our life without them. But all electrical equipment create electromagnetic fields which are not useful for humans and can cause different diseases. To protect ourselves and continue using all necessary equipment, we recommend to buy EPA/EMF protective devices.

The variety of EPA/EMF protection devices

Electromagnetic fields protective devices are designed to be used at home or in your everyday life. Nice Spinor Cem Tech Air bracelets you can wear everyday — they remind a fitness tracker or smart watch. SCENAR healing blankets, waistcoats or caps are designed to use at home or when you are asleep. They will also help you to relax and reduce the day stress.

The development of technologies created a new risk — wi-fi and mobile phone radiation. As smartphones and wireless networks can be found everywhere nowadays, we can't avoid the influence of these fields but we reduce the harm we get from them.

Russian scientists from SPINOR corporation designed special protective stickers for mobile phones. All you need to do is to place it on the back side of device, and the sticker will lower the level of harmful radiation without making any affect on quality of mobile signal. There are also neutralizers for wi-fi devices which protects us from this type of radiation.

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