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Dosimeter Geiger counter

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Dosimeter Geiger counter

Dosimeter, Geiger counter is the special tool for measuring of different kings of hazardous environments. They are small by size and can be easily carried wherever you need. Different kinds of dosimeters are adapted for estimation of definite types of radiation.

For example dosimeter Terra P is measuring gamma radiation equivalent dose (dose rate) and surface contamination by beta radionuclides. And dosimeter Terra can evaluate gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent (equivalent rate), surface beta-particles flux density and dose equivalent accumulation time. So the choice of the suitable model is depend on the statement of the definite environment.

For people who live near the areas that are polluted with toxins and radiation or work in spheres with high danger of radiation dosimeters, Geiger counters are vitally needed. They are worked out to protect persons health.